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Important; Safety Instructions; Rechargeable Battery; Memory Cards - Philips POCKET MEMO DPM6000 User Manual

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1 Important

Do not make any adjustments and modifications that are not
described in this manual. Follow all safety instructions to ensure
proper operation of the device. The manufacturer assumes no
liability for damages resulting from non-compliance with the

safety instructions.

Safety instructions
• Protect the device from rain or water to prevent a short
• Do not expose the device to excessive heat caused by placing
it on a heating device or in direct sunlight.
• Protect the cables from damage by being trapped, particularly
at the plugs and where cables exit the housing.
• Back up your data and recordings. The manufacturer' s war-
ranty does not cover loss of data resulting from user actions.
• Do not perform any maintenance operations that are not
described in this user manual. Do not disassemble the device
into its component parts to carry out repairs. The device may
only be repaired in authorized service centers.

Rechargeable battery

If the battery is mishandled, it can burst, cause a fire or even
chemical burns. Observe the following cautions.
• Do not disassemble.
• Do not crush and do not expose the battery pack to any
shock or force such as hammering, dropping or stepping on it.
• Do not short circuit and do not allow metal objects to come
into contact with the battery terminals.
• Do not expose to high temperature above 60°C (140°F).
• Do not incinerate or dispose of in fire.
• Do not handle damaged or leaking batteries.
• Charge the battery only in the recorder.
• Keep the battery out of the reach of small children.
• Keep the battery dry.
• Only Philips rechargeable Li-ion batteries ACC8100 (and no
others) can be charged in the device. Replace only with the
same or equivalent type.
• Remove the battery from the device if it will not be used for
an extended period of time. The device can be damaged by
leaking batteries.
• Do not remove the battery from the device while it is
recording. If you do this, data may be damaged or lost. Device
malfunctions may also occur.
• Batteries contain substances that may pollute the environ-
ment. Used batteries and rechargeable batteries should be
disposed of at an official collection point.

Memory cards

• The device operates with SD/SDHC memory cards and sup-
ports cards up to 32 GB in capacity.
• Philips uses approved industry standards for memory cards,
but some brands may not be fully compatible with your
device. Using an incompatible memory card may damage your
device or the memory card and can corrupt data stored on
the card.
• Formatting a memory card erases all data on the card. Before
formatting the memory card, make backup copies of all im-
portant data stored on the card. The manufacturer' s warranty
does not cover loss of data resulting from user actions.
• Formatting the memory card on a computer may cause
incompatibilities with your device. Format the memory card
only on the device.

Hearing protection

Observe the following guidelines when using headphones:
• Set the volume to a moderate level and do not use head-
phones to listen for excessively long periods of time.
• Be particularly careful to avoid adjusting the volume to a level
that your hearing cannot deal with.
• Do not turn the volume up so high that you cannot hear what
is going on around you.
• In potentially dangerous situations you must be very careful, or


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