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General Information; Mechanical Concept - Siemens C25 Service Manual

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General Information

With the C25/C2588 is the second model of the C-class of Siemens Mobiles. The
intention of this class is to offer low cost entry-level mobile phones for the mass
consumer market. It is of a small size and has an attractive design.
This telephone is a so called Dual band telephone, meaning it is capable of
operating in GSM 900 networks as well as in GSM 1800 ones.
The C2588 is a special version of C25, which is designed for the asian market.
Besides a separate software version for C2588 the main difference between the two
models is the type of display used:
The C25 features an alphanumeric display comparable to C10.
The C2588 is equipped with a graphical display of 97*33 pixels,
which enables the telephone to display chinese characters to the

Mechanical Concept

Note: All part numbers refer to mechanical drawing in section 4.1!
The mechanical concept of the C25 differs in various points from the one of the other
Siemens mobile telephones.
The first thing you will experience is how the housing is locked. In C25 no screws are
used to keep the housing closed. Also inside the telephone no screws are used
anymore. To open the housing, which is kept closed by catches only, a special
opening tool has been defined. For details on disassembly please refer to the
relevant chapter in this manual.
Inside, the C25 consists of just one board (1010) which carries display module
(1170), control part and RF section of the mobile.
The display module (1170) is connected to the board by a flexible cable which is
inserted into a plug. In case the display is defective electrically or mechanically it can
be exchanged very easily.
Service Manual C25 / C2588
Private Communication Systems
V 1.0
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Mobile Phones
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