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Battery Charging; Battery Information; Battery Icon Instruction - Yamaha YMA-CV03Y-00 User Manual

Full hd waterproof motorcycle and watercraft action camera
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Battery Charging

Install the battery per instructions on page 4,
then select the method of charging below.
Charge by computer
Note: Power charge by computer, please
make sure the camera is POWER OFF state.
The green charging indicator will flash,
indicator will turn off after full charged.
Charge by Wall charger
The Yamaha camera includes an
wall socket direct charger made specifically
for the camera. It plugs into the cameras
mini USB port
Charging and Battery Tips:
1. Avoid completely draining of power before recharging
2. To extend battery life, battery should be fully charged before it is used for the first time.
3. When storing the camera for a long period, please remove the battery and store it separately.
Charging Specifics
Full charge time
3.5 Hours in Power ON state
2 Hours in Power OFF state

Battery Icon instruction

Standby time
Approximately: 3.5 Hours
electric quantity
electric quantity
Video Record Time
electric quantity
electric quantity
Page 18
Minutes (1080p)