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Connect To Television - Yamaha YMA-CV03Y-00 User Manual

Full hd waterproof motorcycle and watercraft action camera
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Connect to Television

Via USB-RCA cable connect with TV ( output)
Find out the USB-RCA cable in standard accessories,
USB side insert to camera, RCA side insert to TV
( Yellow for Video, White for Audio)
Via HDMI cable connect with TV (output)
Please insert the A type connector to the TV ,
insert C type connector to camera
Note:The video that output to TV is 1080P
resolution when playing back video clip, real-time
output display is 480i only.
2.5mm - RCA cable connect with TV (output)
This cable is not included in standard accessories.
Start playing back video clip or browse pictures
a. Turn the TV to AV or HDMI input channel, power on the camera
b. Press MENU button to enter main menu, press " < " and ">" to select video or picture folder, press REC button
to enter
c. Use " <" and ">" button to select the file to playing, press REC to confirm, press again to play.
Note: Real-time output resolution to TV is 480i.
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