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Yamaha YMA-CV03Y-00 User Manual

Full hd waterproof motorcycle and watercraft action camera


Full HD Waterproof Motorcycle & Watercraft Action Camera


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  • Page 1 Full HD Waterproof Motorcycle & Watercraft Action Camera...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Never risk your life or the lives of others when making a video. Accidents will happen so be prepared by becoming familiar with your Yamaha camera before using it. Do not try to adjust camera settings while riding your bike under any circumstances. Please read this manual Save this Users Manual before mounting and using your camera.
  • Page 3: Main Features

     Video & Picture playback  Support 1GB~32GB High speed Micro-SD memory card – (8 GB RiData Class 10, MicroSD card Included only in Yamaha 2013 promotion package)  High speed USB2.0 interface for Power charge and Data transfer ...
  • Page 4: Buttons And Camera Body

    Camera Buttons and Ports 1. Video Record Indicator (red) 2. Power Indicator (red) & Power charge Indicator (green) 3. Microphone (no Icon) 4. Tripod screw hole 5. Audio output 6. TF card slot 7. REC & Confirm button 8. UP & Zoom+ 9.
  • Page 5: Installing Battery

    Battery Installation Install the battery according to the graphics A - Open the battery cover B - Install the battery ( Note: label side face up) C - Close back cover Inserting Memory Card The camera does not have built-in memory. A Micro SD card is required and a class 10 8GB to 32GB is recommended Install a Micro SD card...
  • Page 6: Waterproof Housing

    Using the Waterproof Housing 1. Opening The Latch 2. Insert Camera Per arrow in the graphic below, pull Open hinged rear cover and insert camera latch "A" outward and the clasp "B" as shown in the graphic below. will slacken and allow you to pull lock mechanism away from the rear cover.
  • Page 7: Mounting Your Camera

    Mounting the Waterproof Housing To mount, choose the best mount to for the event you are planning, The Yamaha HD camera kit includes the following clips, mounts and bases. Main clip mount which inserts into one of two base mounts, one for flat surfaces and a curved base with 3M adhesive backing for helmet mounting.
  • Page 8: Screen - Information And Icons

    System Boot Screen Opening screen Icons and Information which will display along with an image of what the camera lens is pointing at. Main Menu Pressing the MENU button opens a directory with four folders. This easy to navigate directory stores all your videos, images and is where settings are changed for the feature you need.
  • Page 9: Video Recording - How To

    Micro SD card as the image name will not be recognized and will not have a thumbnail in the folder. Do not store any images on your MicroSD card from other cameras. The Yamaha HD Camera can only recognize images with a CAMY prefix and videos with a MOVY prefix and 4 number suffix...
  • Page 10: Folder - Video Playback

    Video Playback 1. Press MENU button to enter the main menu Press Scroll buttons to choose the Video Folder. In the example Menu screen here the Video Folder is highlighted and the total files in the folder is displayed in the upper left corner. Here it shows 8 video clips. Main Menu Screen 2.
  • Page 11: Folder - Image Viewing

    Browse Images 1. Press MENU button to enter the main menu Press Scroll buttons to choose the Image Folder. The quantity of images in the folder will display on the top corner of the folder Icon. If the number of images displayed is 0 (zero), the folder will not open.
  • Page 12: Folder - Video Settings

    Video Setting Press MENU button enter the main menu. Press “<” or “>”buttons to scroll the Video Setting folder. Press REC button to enter. VIDEO MODES Normal REC Camera will start recording video once the REC button is pressed. A small red circle start to flash on the screen indicating recording.
  • Page 13: Auto Record In Vehicle

    Auto REC This feature is for use if camera is used as a “black box” in a vehicle The camera will start recording video automatically after vehicle has been turned on. For this feature to work presets must first be made in “Auto REC time” settings menu. OFF:Not activated 10 Seconds:Camera will start recording 10 Seconds after starting vehicle.
  • Page 14: Time Lapse Video

    Self-Timer Press button to active this feature, camera will take pictures every 10 seconds. This feature is for use with Time Lapse video software. Note:Self-Time feature upon power OFF, will reset to normal capture automatically. Time Stamp When set at ENABLE, the Date and Time video was taken will display on the video . Photo Size Set image resolution here.
  • Page 15: Date And Time Settings

    Date & Time Setting Date Setting: Press REC to select the option, Press REC again to next option select, use Scroll buttons to change. 2013: Year option, Red color means active for changing 10:Month option, use Scroll buttons to select, press REC to confirm. 15:Date option, use Scroll buttons to select, press REC to confirm.
  • Page 16: Auto Screen Off

    Important Note: If you have made a FRIMWARE update you must use this feature to reset the system to the new firmware adjustments. (see page 16) Version Displays the version of your camera software. ( Model No. – Version ) YMA-CV03Y-00 01 TroubleShooting: Please visit our customer service page at
  • Page 17: Firmware Update

    Firmware Update The camera may have software updates and you may need to install new firmware: The Camera firmware can be found on this camera’s official Customer Service web portal at: Follow the instructions at the site to download and install the firmware package: You will need to install the update onto a MicroSD card via PC then transfer the card to your camera.
  • Page 18: Connect To Television

    Connect to Television Via USB-RCA cable connect with TV ( output) Find out the USB-RCA cable in standard accessories, USB side insert to camera, RCA side insert to TV ( Yellow for Video, White for Audio) Via HDMI cable connect with TV (output) Please insert the A type connector to the TV , insert C type connector to camera Note:The video that output to TV is 1080P...
  • Page 19: Battery Charging

    POWER OFF state. The green charging indicator will flash, indicator will turn off after full charged. Charge by Wall charger The Yamaha camera includes an wall socket direct charger made specifically for the camera. It plugs into the cameras mini USB port Charging and Battery Tips: 1.
  • Page 20: Camera Specifications

    Specifications Item Spec Remark Built in memory TF Card 1-32 GB Support SDHC Size 1.5 inch Resolution 480 x 240 Size 1/2.5 inch CMOS Sensor Image Pixel 2592H x 1944V Basic Spec Video Output Interface HDMI/USB/RCA Built in Audio Output Interface HDMI/USB/RCA Speaker Built in...
  • Page 21: Parts Listing

    Parts Listing Page 20...

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