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Time Lapse Video; Time Stamp On Video; Image Resolution Settings; Continuous Shot Settings - Yamaha YMA-CV03Y-00 User Manual

Full hd waterproof motorcycle and watercraft action camera
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button to active this feature, camera will take pictures every 10 seconds. This feature is for
use with Time Lapse video software.
Note:Self-Time feature upon power OFF, will reset to normal capture automatically.
Time Stamp
When set at ENABLE, the Date and Time video was taken will display on the video .

Photo Size

Set image resolution here. Select the size image you need. Three resolution settings:
4000 x 3000
3200 x 2400
2592 x 1944
Continuous Shot
Press MENU to enter the main menu, use Scroll button to select " Continuous shot" menu, press REC
to confirm and when in the menu choose the quantity of shots.

System Setting

Language Setting

Select the language and press REC button to confirm.
Press MENU to enter the main menu,
Press "< or ">" button to System Setting icon (hammer and wrench)
Press REC button to bring up System Settings menu.
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