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Folder - Video Settings; Normal Recording; Motion Detection; Set Auto Recording Start Time - Yamaha YMA-CV03Y-00 User Manual

Full hd waterproof motorcycle and watercraft action camera
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Video Setting

Normal REC
Camera will start recording video once the REC button is pressed. A small red circle start to flash on
the screen indicating recording. Also half of the red LED light bar will steady flash. When your finished
Press REC button again to stop video record, The video clip will automatically be saved.
Pressing the REC button again will start a new video clip.
Motion Detect
Camera will start recording video only when motion activates a detector. When the lens detects
movement It begins to record and the camera will not stop recording video until all movement has
The movement detector will require 10 seconds shut down to reset before it can start movement
detection again at each additional restart. The default video record time is 1 minute if the movement
was less than 30 seconds. The camera will not stop recording video if movement is constant the
camera will record until battery runs out or memory is full and no longer has space.
Time REC
Sets a time to start recording video automatically. For
This feature you must first set your time Rec settings
by Pressing REC to next Video Mode screen, then
press Scroll button to
The Time Rec Settings menu will have 5 lines of
numbers with default numbers or unset in white.
A graphic explaining .these numbers and what they
mean is to the right. Entering dates past or values
beyond a maximum set limit will invalidate the setting.
To make a time setting use the Scroll buttons to add / subtract the number. Press REC button to set
the option desired. After an option is set, Press ">" to move to next option or to move down to next line.
Press MENU button enter the main menu.
Press "<" or ">"buttons to scroll the Video Setting folder.
Press REC button to enter.
Time Rec
and press REC.
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