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Folder - Image Viewing; Deleting Files - Yamaha YMA-CV03Y-00 User Manual

Full hd waterproof motorcycle and watercraft action camera
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Browse Images
1. Press MENU button to enter the main menu
Press Scroll buttons to choose the Image Folder.
The quantity of images in the folder will display on the
top corner of the folder Icon. If the number of images
displayed is 0 (zero), the folder will not open.
2. Press REC button to enter the image folder.
All the images will be displayed in thumbnail
sets of 3 per row'. The active thumbnail will be
highlighted with an orange border.
3. Press REC to open the Image.
4. To see next image in the folder press ">" button.
To return to thumbnail view Press MENU and MENU again to return to Main Menu.

Deleting Files

Press and hold MENU button while browsing images or when an image has been selected - The
Delete Option Menu will display on the screen. Use Scroll buttons to choose what you want'
cancel current operation and quit
Yes: confirm current operation and delete the single image.
ALL: confirm deletion of all files in the folder
Press REC button to confirm deletion or cancel if No.
Once you delete files from the MicroSD the files are permanently deleted and can't be
recovered. So we recommend making a copy with via file transfer to your computer before deleting
files directly from camera.
Deletion via Loop Record
– See page 12
Page 10
Main Menu Screen
Thumbnail Image Selection Screen