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Mounting Your Camera; Remote Control - Yamaha YMA-CV03Y-00 User Manual

Full hd waterproof motorcycle and watercraft action camera
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Mounting the Waterproof Housing
To mount, choose the best mount to for the event you
are planning, The Yamaha HD camera kit includes
the following clips, mounts and bases.
Main clip mount which inserts into one of two base
mounts, one for flat surfaces and a curved base with
3M adhesive backing for helmet mounting.
Two tripod mounts are included, one for use with the
waterproof housing and the other is used without the
housing and mounts directly into the cameras built in
tripod socket
Also in the kit are three mounting stem extensions.
See page 20 for complete list.
Note! Your camera mounts are rugged but they are plastic and may break under heavy stress and
certain rough riding conditions therefore it is recommended that you tie a thin tether line to the camera
housing. If the camera should break lose during riding it will remain tethered to the bike. Make sure the
tether does not connect to or near moving parts of the motorcycle..
Remote Controller
Remote to start video record only when Camera is Powered ON.
Remote will not start record if camera power button is OFF.
Remote to stop video record only, will not power OFF camera.
This allows multiple recording starts and stops.
Note – The camera and remote have been pre-paired at the factory when manufactured. This feature
is only necessary when a new remote control replaces the factory paired remote
1. Hold down the "<" button on the camera when in power OFF state. Don't let go.
2. Then press POWER button to turn ON the camera.
3. When camera has powered on immediately press the
and immediately release the "<" button.
4. When pairing the screen will go dark during the process. If pairing is a success the camera will
power ON automatically. If pairing has failed the camera will power OFF automatically.
button (Start Video Record)
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