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Contents Of The Package; Maintenance - Siemens Gigaset Instruction Manual

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Contents of the package

1 Gigaset Repeater
1 power supply unit for Gigaset Repeater
2 screws and plugs
These operating instructions


Simply wipe your Gigaset Repeater with a damp cloth or an antistatic wipe. Never use a
dry cloth (causes static charge).
Your Gigaset Repeater extends the reception range of a maximum of 2 handsets. Up to 6
Gigaset Repeater units can be used with a single base station thus making available extra
extended reception range for each 2 handsets respectively.
The maximum number of handsets that can be registered at your base station is not affec-
ted by the Gigaset Repeater.
Before you start to register the units, install the Gigaset Repeater in close proximity to the
base station and a power supply point. If a Gigaset Repeater is already in use, it must be
switched on and positioned next to the base station before registration can commence.
Example with 2 Gigaset Repeaters
Base station
Additional reception ranges with
Gigaset Repeater

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