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Using The Verification Tone - Siemens Gigaset Instruction Manual

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LED display of functions
There are two green LEDs on the centre front of the housing. The left LED displays regist-
ration and operation function, the right LED displays the handset-traffic via this repeater:
Left LED states:
Continuous lighting
Intermittent flashing
Right LED states:
Flashing once
Flashing twice

Using the verification tone

The verification tone enables you to establish whether or not the handset is working in the
extended area of the Gigaset Repeater. This tone is audible on the activated handset as
long as the unit is connected to the Gigaset Repeater.
Carry out the procedure described below on your Gigaset Repeater in order to switch the
verification tone on and off:
Switch off the unit (disconnect the power plug)
Switch on for 1 to 5 seconds and switch it off again.
Switch on again. If the left LED on the unit is flashing slowly, switch it off again.
Switch it on again. The verification tone is then activated or deactivated.
power supply off
no link to basestation
normal link to basestation
ready to register
no traffic
one handset link via repeater
two handset link via repeater

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