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Siemens 7XV5451-0 A00 Series Operating Instructions Manual

820nm - 1300nm for mono mode fibre
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Repeater 820nm - 1300nm
7XV5451-0xA00 for mono mode fibre
Version 3
Operating Instructions



  Summary of Contents for Siemens 7XV5451-0 A00 Series

  • Page 1 Repeater 820nm - 1300nm 7XV5451-0xA00 for mono mode fibre Version 3 Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    If further information is desired or in case special problems should arise, which are not treated adequately in this document, it is possible to obtain additional details from the local Siemens office or from the addresses stated in the back of this manual.
  • Page 3 QUALIFIED PERSONNEL Explanation of symbols used: Tampering with the device/system or noncompliance with the safety notices given in this manual may cause severe bodily injury or property Read the operating instructions; damage. Therefore any interventions on the device/system may only be performed by adequately qualified personnel.
  • Page 4: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Data Transfer The logic of the two optical interfaces is positive (Light OFF in idle Scope of Application state), incoming light signals are treated as active = 1 (high). For use in systems operating with a negative logic, the 820 nm transmitter and The optical repeater is used for conversion of signals with a wavelength the 820 nm receiver can be switched over to negative logic by means of of 820 nm to signals with a wavelength of 1300 nm and vice versa.
  • Page 5: Technische Daten

    Technische Daten Optical 820 nm Interface Optical inputs / outputs 1 transmitter, 1 receiver Mechanical Design FO connector FSMA (plastic protective caps) Housing Plastic, EG90 see dimensional drawings Dimensions Weight approx. 250 g Degree of protection acc. to EN60529 Housing IP 51 plastic Data flow indicator none...
  • Page 6 Insulation Tests Optical 1300 nm Interface 1 transmitter, 1 receiver EN61010 only HCS 9/125 µm monomode Delivery state: IEC 255-5: ANSI/IEEE C37.90.0 fiber Light OFF in idle state (attenuation approx. 0.5 dB/km) Transmitter : HFBR 1315M Voltage test (routine test) DC 5.25 kV / 1 s Optical inputs / outputs Receiver : HFBR 2315M...
  • Page 7 Electromagnetic Compatibility Radiated RF immunity, 10 V/m; 900 MHz; repetition pulse-modulated frequency 200 kHz; Tests IEC 1000-4-3 ED 50 % or ED 100 % Standard: EN 50081-1 150 kHz bis 30 MHz ENV 50140 / ENV50204, Class III Immunity to radio interference voltage on lines (auxiliary power Immunity to fast transient bursts On auxiliary power lines...
  • Page 8 Mechanical Tests Vibration and shock test in transport Vibration and shock test in stationary use Vibration sinusoidal IEC 255-21-1, Class 1 IEC 68-2-6 5 Hz to 8 Hz: ± 7.5 mm Vibration IEC 255-21-1, Class 1 sinusoidal amplitude; IEC 68-2-6 10 Hz to 60 Hz: ±...
  • Page 9: Description Of The Functional Unit

    Description of the Functional Unit Climatic Tests Recommended operating The housed signal converter is a hard-wired and tested functional unit. temperature range -5°C bis +55°C It is provided with a snap-on mounting device for a 35 mm DIN EN 50022 rail and with screw-type terminals for safe connection of the Permissible operating -20°C bis +70°C auxiliary power supply.
  • Page 10: Terminal Assignment

    Terminal Assignment 1.4.2 Switch Positions The DIP switches can be actuated from outside. Assignment Symbol X2, Pin 1 Power supply pin 1 (L+) DC: L+ AC: L Location of DIP switches: Down view X2, Pin 2 Power supply pin 2 (L-) DC: L- AC: N X5, Pin 1...
  • Page 11: Applications

    1.4.3 Applications L2 402,1A Max450.1A L2 402,1A Max450.1A L2 402,1A Max450.1A L2 402,1A Max450.1A L3 402,1A Max450.1A L3 402,1A Max450.1A L3 402,1A Max450.1A L3 402,1A Max450.1A L2 402,1A Max450.1A L2 402,1A Max450.1A L3 402,1A Max450.1A L3 402,1A Max450.1A 7XV5653-0AA00 Binary transmission Binary transmission RS232 RS232...
  • Page 12: Dimension Drawings

    Dimension Drawings Ordering Data Name Order No. code 5 4 5 A 0 0 Repeater 820/1300 nm 7XV Connector Types of Optical Inputs and Outputs 820 nm FSMA-connector / 1300 nm BFOC-ST-Monomode Mounting and Operation Warning ! When operating electrical devices, certain parts of these devices are necessarily under dangerous tension.
  • Page 13 Mounting Warning ! • The unit should be mounted at a location that is free of vibrations. The permissible ambient temperature (recommended or permissible operating temperature) must not be exceeded (see With stranded conductors, insulated end sleeves must be used Technical Data).
  • Page 14: Settings

    Inbetriebnahme Settings • Check if the operating data correspond to the values stated on the All settings on the signal converter can be made from outside by means rating plate. of a DIL switch. It is not necessary to open the housing. •...
  • Page 15 empty pages A 12/03 Repeater 820nm / 1300nm Page 29 of 32...
  • Page 16 Page 30 of 32 Repeater 820nm / 1300nm A 12/03 A 12/03 Repeater 820nm / 1300nm Page 31 of 32...
  • Page 17 Please address remarks and questions on this product to: Siemens AG Power Transmission and Distribution Protection and Substation Control Systems Postbox 4806 D-90026 Nürnberg Germany Phone +49 (0) 911 433-7028 +49 (0) 911 433-8301 Order No..: G34924-K2108-U1-A2 Order: G340B Printed in Germay...

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