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Using Your Stairlift - Bison 80 User Manual



Table of Contents

Using Your Stairlift

1 Lower the footrest.
2 Lower the seat and arms
3 Hold down one of the swivel paddles and
swivel the seat until it locks into its operating
position as shown (at the top of the stairs
4 Sit in the seat and fasten the seatbelt.
5 Switch the Stairlift on with the On/Off
Holding Switch on the arm rest, its green
lamp will illuminate, indicating the power is
6 Press the Direction Controller in the
direction of travel.
7 After a short delay the Stairlift will beep and
begin to move, slowly at first, until it reaches
full speed. Keep the Direction Controller
pressed down continually throughout the
journey. When the seat is passing over or
around certain bends it will slow down, this
is for your comfort and safety.
8 The Stairlift will automatically slow down and
stop when it has reached the end of its
9 Switch the Stairlift off using the On/Off
Holding Switch on the arm rest (5)
10 To swivel the seat, push down a seat paddle and rotate the seat until it locks into
position, partly or fully around (at the top of the stairs only).
11 It is now safe to undo the seat belt and alight from the Stairlift.
12 The arms, seat and footrest may now be folded up.
Bison 80
User Manual
Issue 1 - June 2004

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents