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Hand Winding; Maintenance; Cleaning; Remote Control - Bison 80 User Manual



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6.2 Hand Winding

In an emergency the Stairlift may be hand wound to clear any obstruction.
If this symbol is displayed do NOT hand-wind the Stairlift in the down direction
because this could damage it.


7.1 Cleaning

Wipe the seat, carriage and rail down with a dry cloth.

7.2 Remote Control

Replace the remote control batteries annually.

7.3 Servicing

It is recommended that your Bison 80 Stairlift installation be serviced every 12 months by
your Stairlift Supplier to ensure it remains safe and reliable.
Your Stairlift is designed to operate smoothly and quietly. The equivalent continuous A-
Weighted sound pressure level of this equipment does not exceed 70 db (A).
Bison 80
User Manual
Issue 1 - June 2004
1 Ensure the Stairlift is switched off with the
On/Off Holding Switch.
2 Remove the round cover on top of the carriage
(marked with a Emergency Handwind label).
3 Fit the hand winder onto the hexagonal spindle
and follow the instructions on the label inside
the round cover.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents