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Description Of Operation; Charging Your Stairlift - Bison 80 User Manual



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Description of Operation

3.1 Charging Your Stairlift

The Stairlift batteries are recharged from charging points when the Stairlift is in its parked
position at the top and bottom of the stairs. The charging points are connected to the
mains electricity supply through a transformer.
If there is a mains electricity supply failure, or if the supply to your Stairlift is switched off, it
will continue to operate for several journeys. However, the batteries will eventually lose
their charge and the Stairlift will not operate.
If the batteries are not being recharged you will see this flashing symbol,
on the fault indicator, and hear a bleep alarm.
To ensure that the batteries are kept fully charged, the mains electricity
supply should always be switched on and the Stairlift parked on its charge
If the batteries have lost their charge because the mains electricity supply
has been switched off, or interrupted, allow them to recharge before using
the Stairlift. This symbol will stop flashing when the Stairlift is ready for use.
Bison 80
User Manual
Issue 1 - June 2004
Your Stairlift is switched on and off using
the On/Off Holding Switch (1).
The Stairlift is moved up and down the
stairs by the user operating the Direction
Controller on the armrest (2).
When not in use please ensure that the
seat belt is kept clear of the rail.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents