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Safe Operation - Bison 80 User Manual

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3.2 Safe Operation

Do not allow children to play with the Stairlift.
Do not exceed the safe weight limit the Stairlift is designed to carry (see the label
underneath the seat).
Always use the seatbelt.
Bison 80
User Manual
Issue 1 - June 2004
Before operating your Stairlift, ensure that there are
no obstructions on the staircase. The Stairlift is fitted
with five safety edges:
1 & 2 - each side of the carriage.
3 & 4 - each side of the footrest.
5 - under the footrest.
If these encounter any obstruction, the Stairlift will
stop immediately. Move the Stairlift back in the
opposite direction and remove the obstruction.

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