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Introducing Your Stairlift; Main Components; Bison; Product View - Bison 50 User Manual

Straight stairlift


Table of Contents

Introducing Your Stairlift

Congratulations on becoming the owner of a Bison 50 Stairlift, which has been
manufactured specifically to meet your requirements. It has a 12-month Bison warranty
and will provide you with many years of reliable service.
It is important for your safety that you study this manual to completely familiarise yourself
with your Stairlift.

Main Components

The pictures in this manual show a Stairlift on the left-hand side of the stairs. Stairlifts on
the opposite side of the stairs operate in exactly the same way.

Bison 50

Straight Stairlift
User Manual
Issue 3 - March 2005
1 Seat
2 Armrest
3 On/Off Holding Switch
4 Status Indicator
5 Safety Edges
6 Footrest
7 Rail
8 Carriage
9 Seat Swivel Release Paddles
10 Seat Belt
11 Direction Controller

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents