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Problems During Operation; Diagnostic Display - Bison 80 User Manual



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Problems during Operation

6.1 Diagnostic Display

When the Stairlift is switched on the Diagnostic Display underneath the seat is illuminated.
During normal operation it will display these symbols:
If the Stairlift will not operate or stops during operation check the diagnostic display.
The Seat is swivelled away from its operating position.
The Hinged Rail (when fitted) is not down in its operating position.
The Seat or Footrest are not down in their operating positions.
A sensitive safety edge has been activated - check for obstructions.
Conflicting signal between the Stairlift Direction Controller and the Remote
Direction Controls.
There is insufficient charge in the batteries to allow the lift to complete a full
journey. Leave on charge until the Standby symbol appears.
(Flashing Display and Bleep Alarm)
Batteries are not being charged - check mains electricity supply is switched
on and the Stairlift is parked on its charge points.
If this symbol is displayed do NOT use the hand winder in the down direction
as this could damage the Stairlift. Contact your Stairlift Supplier immediately.
If any other symbols are displayed you should contact your Stairlift Supplier
Bison 80
User Manual
Issue 1 - June 2004
Stairlift is in Standby Condition and ready to
Stairlift is moving up the rail.
Stairlift is moving down the rail.
Stairlift is at its correct parked position.
Batteries are fast charging (small light on).
Batteries are trickle charging (small light

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents