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Optional Items; Powered Swivel Seat; Remote Direction Controls; Remote Auto- Parking Control - Bison 80 User Manual



Table of Contents
Bison 80
User Manual
Issue 1 - June 2004

Optional Items

5.1 Powered Swivel Seat

If a powered seat is fitted, (at the top of the stairs only) continue to hold
down the Direction Controller (1). After the Stairlift stops moving, the seat
will begin to swivel round automatically.
Switch the Stairlift off using the On/Off Holding Switch (2) on the arm rest.
It is now safe to undo the seat belt and alight from the Stairlift.

5.2 Remote Direction Controls

If the Stairlift has remote controls, it must be in its correct operating
condition, with the seat facing forward and switched on with the On/Off
Holding Switch, before using them.
These controls can be used to call the Stairlift. Press the
buttons continuously until the Stairlift stops at the end of its travel. Do
not leave the Stairlift parked part way up the stairs because the
batteries will not be re-charged in this position.

5.3 Remote Auto- Parking Control

The arm rests and seat must be folded manually prior to operating the
Autopark feature. Press and hold the Autopark button (A) continuously
to send the Stairlift to its charge point and operate any powered

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents