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Panasonic HC-V180 Basic Operating Instructions Manual

High definition video camera.
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More detailed operating instructions are available in "Operating
Instructions (PDF format)". To read it, download it from the website.
≥ Click the desired language.
Model number suffix "EB" denotes UK model.
Basic Operating Instructions
High Definition Video Camera
Please read these instructions carefully
before using this product, and save this
manual for future use.
Model No.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Basic Operating Instructions High Definition Video Camera HC-V180 Model No. Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use. More detailed operating instructions are available in “Operating Instructions (PDF format)”. To read it, download it from the website.
  • Page 2: Information For Your Safety

    Information for Your Safety ∫ Concerning the battery Dear Customer, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for purchasing this Panasonic High Warning Definition Video Camera. Please read these Risk of fire, explosion and burns. Do not...
  • Page 3: Cautions For Use

    About connecting to a TV in combination with a ≥ Always use the supplied HDMI mini cable or chemical symbol. In this a genuine Panasonic HDMI mini cable case it complies with the (RP-CDHM15, RP-CDHM30: optional). requirement set by the...
  • Page 4: Recording Motion Pictures

    Copy the image to a disc using the HD Writer LE 3.0. Be sure to detach the battery after use. j Copy the image to a Panasonic Blu-ray ≥ If the battery is left attached, a minute amount disc recorder that supports AVCHD of current continues to flow even if the unit is Progressive.
  • Page 5: Operating Instructions

    ∫ Indemnity about recorded ∫ For the purposes of these content operating instructions Panasonic does not accept any responsibility ≥ SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card and for damages directly or indirectly due to any SDXC Memory Card are referred to as the type of problems that result in loss of recording “SD card”.
  • Page 6 ∫ Downloading the Operating Instructions (PDF format) You can check the URL and QR code of the website where you can download the Operating Instructions (PDF format) in [ONLINE MANUAL] in the Setup menu. ≥ Touch (left side)/ (right side) of on the Touch Menu to display .
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Contents Information for Your Safety......2 Accessories............ 9 Preparation Power supply..........10 Inserting/removing the battery ....10 Charging the battery ......11 Charging and recording time ....12 Recording to a card ........13 Cards that you can use with this unit ..13 Inserting/removing an SD card ....
  • Page 8 ≥ Most major credit and debit cards accepted. ≥ All enquiries transactions and distribution facilities are provided directly by Panasonic ≥ It couldn’t be simpler! ≥ Also available through our Internet is direct shopping for a wide range of finished products.
  • Page 9: Accessories

    Accessories Check the accessories before using this unit. Keep the accessories out of reach of children to prevent swallowing. Product numbers correct as of Nov. 2015. These may be subject to change. Optional accessories Battery pack VW-VBT190 Some optional accessories may not be available in some countries.
  • Page 10: Preparation

    ≥ The unit has a function for distinguishing batteries which can be used safely. The dedicated battery (VW-VBT190/VW-VBT380) supports this function. The only batteries suitable for use with this unit are genuine Panasonic products and batteries manufactured by other companies and certified by Panasonic. Panasonic cannot in any way guarantee the quality, performance or safety of batteries which have been manufactured by other companies and are not genuine Panasonic products.
  • Page 11: Charging The Battery

    ≥ Do not use any other DC cables except the supplied one. ≥ Do not use any other AC adaptors except the supplied one. ≥ We recommend using Panasonic batteries (l 10). ≥ If you use other batteries, we cannot guarantee the quality of this product.
  • Page 12: Charging And Recording Time

    Charging and recording time ∫ Charging/Recording time ≥ Temperature: 25 oC/humidity: 60%RH ≥ Charging times in parentheses are when charging from the USB terminal. Battery model Maximum Actual number Charging Recording Recording continuous recordable [Voltage/Capacity time format mode recordable time (minimum)] time [1080/50p]...
  • Page 13: Recording To A Card

    Inserting/removing an SD card When using an SD card not from Panasonic, or one previously used on other equipment, for the first time on this unit, format the SD card. (l 22) When the SD card is formatted, all of the recorded data is deleted.
  • Page 14: Turning The Unit On/off

    Preparation Turning the unit on/off You can turn the unit on and off using the power button or by opening and closing the LCD monitor. Turning the unit on and off with the power button Open the LCD monitor and press the power button to turn on the unit. To turn off the unit ...
  • Page 15: Switching This Unit Between Motion Picture Recording Mode And Still Picture Recording Mode

    Switching this unit between Motion Picture Recording Mode and Still Picture Recording Mode Touch the recording mode switching icon displayed on the LCD monitor (touch screen) to switch this unit between Motion Picture Recording Mode and Still Picture Recording Mode. Press the recording/playback button to switch this unit to Recording Mode.
  • Page 16: About The Touch Menu

    ∫ Slide while touching Move your finger while pressing on the touch screen. ∫ About the operation icons Touch when changing a page or performing settings. Touch to return to the previous screen. About the Touch Menu Touch (left side)/ (right side) of the Touch Menu to switch the operation icons.
  • Page 17: Setting Date And Time

    Preparation Setting date and time The clock is not set at the time of purchase. Make sure to set the clock. ≥ When you turn on this unit, the message “Set home region and date/time.” may be displayed. Select [YES], and follow the steps below to make these settings: j Step 2 of “Setting your home region for the first time”...
  • Page 18: Basic

    Basic Changing the Recording Mode Touch the Recording Mode button icon. MENU Touch the desired Recording Mode button icon. Mode Effect You can switch the mode to the Intelligent Auto Mode, Intelligent Auto which optimises settings to the recording environment you are in.
  • Page 19: Recording Motion Pictures

    Basic Recording motion pictures ≥ Open the lens cover before turning on the unit.  Open the LCD monitor, and set this unit to Motion Picture Recording Mode. (l 15)  Press the recording start/stop button to start recording. A When you begin recording, ; changes to ¥.
  • Page 20: Using The Zoom

    Basic Using the zoom Zoom lever/Zoom button icons T side: Close-up recording (zoom in) W side: Wide-angle recording (zoom out) ≥ The zoom speed varies depending on the range over which the zoom lever is moved. A Zoom bar The zoom bar is displayed during the zoom ...
  • Page 21: Watching Video/pictures On Your Tv

    ≥ The following icons are displayed on thumbnails when [ALL AVCHD] or [1080/50i] is touched: j AVCHD [1080/50p] scene: j AVCHD [PH] scene: j AVCHD [HA] scene: j AVCHD [HG] scene: j AVCHD [HE] scene: ≥ The following icons are displayed on thumbnails when [ALL MP4/iFrame] is touched: j MP4 [1080/50p] scene: j MP4 [720/25p] scene: j MP4 [360/25p] scene:...
  • Page 22: Using The Menu Screen

    Basic Using the menu screen ≥ Touch (left side)/ (right side) of on the Touch Menu to display . (l 16) MENU Touch MENU ∫ About guide display After touching , touching the submenus and items will cause function descriptions and settings confirmation messages to appear.
  • Page 23: Others

    Others Troubleshooting ∫ It is not a malfunction in following cases A clicking sound is heard ≥ This is the sound of the lens moving and is not a defect. when the unit is shaken. This sound will no longer be heard when the unit is turned on and set this unit to the Motion Picture Recording Mode or Still Picture Recording Mode.
  • Page 24 Recording Problem Check points Colour or brightness of ≥ Colour or brightness of the image may change, or you may the image changes, or you see horizontal bars in the image when the object is recorded may see horizontal bars in under fluorescent light, mercury light or sodium light, etc., but the image.
  • Page 25: Specifications

    Others Specifications High Definition Video Camera Information for your safety Recording mode and transfer rate: Power source: [AVCHD] DC 5.0 V (When using AC adaptor) [1080/50p]; DC 3.6 V (When using battery) Maximum 28 Mbps (VBR) [PH]; Maximum 24 Mbps (VBR) Power consumption: [HA];...
  • Page 26 Lens: HDMI mini connector audio output level: Auto Iris, 50k optical zoom, F1.8 to F4.2 [AVCHD]; Focal length; Dolby Digital/Linear PCM 2.06 mm to 103 mm [iFrame], [MP4]; Macro (Full range AF) Linear PCM 35 mm equivalent; USB: Motion picture; Reader function 28.0 mm to 1740 mm (16:9)* SD card;...
  • Page 27: About Copyright

    Menu” in the Operating Instructions (PDF format). At least three (3) years from delivery of this product, Panasonic will give to any third party who contacts us at the contact information provided below, for a charge no more than our cost of physically performing source code distribution, a complete machine-readable copy of the corresponding source code covered under GPL V2.0 or LGPL V2.1, as well as the respective...
  • Page 28 Manufactured by: Panasonic Corporation Kadoma, Osaka, Japan Importer for Europe: Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Panasonic Testing Centre Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany Panasonic Corporation SQT1132 Web site: F1015GY0 © Panasonic Corporation 2015...

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