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ICharger 3010B User Manual

Synchronous balance charger/discharger.
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Use “logview” for 3010B . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....
  • Page 3: Specifications

    Synchronous Balance Charger/Discharger 3010B Thank you for purchasing one of the iCharger series. Please read the entire User‘s Manual completely and attentively as it contains a wide variety of specific programming and safety information. Specifications 3010B Input voltage range: 4.50 –...
  • Page 4  iCharger 3010B has a 16Mbit flash storage, which can log offline charge and discharge data in 36 hours. Support upgrading the hardware program by USB port. The iCharger also support the ―logview‖...
  • Page 5: Unpack Inspection

    Synchronous Balance Charger/Discharger 3010B Unpack inspection The following items are included in the package. Contact your supplier if any items are missing. Standard items: One copy of the User‘s manual on CD   One pair of output alligator clip leads(14AWG)...
  • Page 6: Warnings And Safety Notes

    Carefully follow the battery pack manufacturer‘s recommendations and safety advice. Recommended connecting way: 1. Connect iCharger's input power supply, and turn on it. 2. Connect Li batteries' balance port 3. Connect the main charging port's positive pole to cells' positive pole, and then connect negative pole to cells' negative pole (this will avoid striking fire while connecting Li cells).
  • Page 7: Program Flow Chart

    Save settings memoryX Batt type Dec Inc Start PROGRAM SELECT LOAD SETTINGS XX Enter Load settings memoryX Note: When you turn off the iCharger it will remember the current menu and start from that menu when next turned on again.
  • Page 8: Keyboard Basics

    Synchronous Balance Charger/Discharger 3010B Keyboard basics Go to the main menu, press the Inc button or the Stop/Batt type button to go down, and press the Dec button to go up: press the Start/Enter button to enter a sub-menu.
  • Page 9: Parameter Setup

    Range: OFF, 10 – 500mA. (OFF,default) Dec Inc Usually, the NiMH battery voltage will drop a little right after reaching full NiMH Sensitivity charge. This is known as -△V. You can alter the iCharger‘s delta-peak DeltaV Default detection sensitivity. Range: 1 – 20mV/Cell. (4mV/Cell, default) Dec...
  • Page 10 CHG: 50 –1000W and AUTO. DCHG: 5 –80W(60 W, default) Note: The maximum charge power capacity is also limited by input current. The maximum input current of 3010B is about 50A, and Wmax ≈ Imax * Vin * 90%. (For example, when the input voltage is 15V, the maximum Dec...
  • Page 11 3010B Key confirmation and alert tone. If the keyboard sound is ON there will be a Key Beep beep when you press any key. If the buzzer is ON the iCharger will generate an alert tone for certain events. Buzzer Key Beep: OFF&ON: (ON, default)
  • Page 12 Synchronous Balance Charger/Discharger 3010B Dec Inc Termination voltage for LiFe. Adjust LiFe‘s charge termination voltage. LiFe Termination Press Start/Enter for more than 3 seconds to blink the ―Voltage‖ value, Voltage 3.60V then press Dec and Inc to adjust the termination voltage.
  • Page 13: Lithium Battery Program

    3010B Lithium battery program The iCharger provides a number of Lithium programs including Balance, Normal, Fast and Storage. Only the Balance mode requires the balance lead connected. However, the other modes will provide additional per-cell over-voltage protection if the balance lead is connected compared to running them without it, where they can only utilize the total pack voltage.
  • Page 14: Charging Lithium Battery In Balance Mode

    This function is for balancing the voltage of Lithium-polymer battery cells while charging. In the balance mode the battery balance lead must be connected to the balance port on the right side of the iCharger. The pinout of the balance port is shown in the diagram below. Charging in this mode is different from the normal CHARGE mode because the iCharger can monitor the voltage of individual cells and adjust the input current fed into each cell to normalize the voltage (for example: LiPo battery within 4.2V).
  • Page 15: Charging A Lithium Battery In Normal Charge Mode

    The iCharger first charges with constant current (CC) according to the user setting then constant voltage (CV) when the charging voltage reaches the peak point. In the CV phase the current gradually falls. The iCharger will terminate charging when the current falls below than 1/10 of the configured charge current.
  • Page 16: Pre-charging A Lithium Battery

    If the battery is over-discharged and the voltage is too low then in the Normal charge or Fast charge modes the iCharger will notify the user of pre-charging with a low current (100mA). This helps to increase the battery voltage to the within the allowable range for normal charging. The user can set the pre-charging time in the Lithium Check time screen in the User setup.
  • Page 17: Discharging A Lithium Battery

    The lowest allowable cell voltage depends on the type of Lithium battery: 2.50V for Lilo, 3.00V for LiPo and 2.00V for LiFe per cell. If the battery is connected to the balance port, the iCharger can monitor the individual cell voltages. The discharge will stop immediately if any cell falls below the configured final voltage.
  • Page 18: Lithium Battery External Expanding Discharge Mode

    Series In this mode, the lithium battery discharges through iCharger and R, P = Pi + Pr, (Pi is charger‘s wasted power capacity; Pr is wasted power capacity by resistance). Pi is limited by the set charger‘s maximum discharge power capacity(<80W) . But in the first 30 seconds of discharge startup, Pi can be reached 150W.
  • Page 19: Lithium Battery In Monitoring Mode

    Series Lithium battery in monitoring mode When you use other devices to charge or discharge Lithium pack, the iCharger can monitor each cell‘s voltage, battery temperature, charge time and so on, if one of the batteries appears over-charged, over-discharged, over-hot, over-capacity or over-time ,the iCharger will alarm with noise “Di…..” and blink the raleted information.
  • Page 20: Nicd/nimh Battery Program

    The left side of the first line displays the type of battery (NiCd/NiMH) and the NiMH CHARGE Aut second line allows you to set the current limit. The iCharger offers two charging modes for NiCd/NiMH., ‗CHARGE Aut‘ and ‗CHARGE Manual‘. In 1.0A...
  • Page 21: Nicd/nimh Forming Charge

    This forming charge program aims to eliminate capacity imbalance between cells in a battery. The iCharger first charges with constant current (CC=1C) according to the user setting. When the charging voltage reaches the peak threshold (1.48V/cell) it switches to the CV phase. In the CV phase the current gradually falls.
  • Page 22: Pb (lead-acid) Battery Program

    Synchronous Balance Charger/Discharger 3010B Pb (lead-acid) battery program This program is for charging Pb (lead-acid) batteries with nominal voltages from 2 to 36V. Lead-acid, VRLA or Gel batteries are totally different from NiCd or NiMH. They can only deliver relatively lower current compared to their capacity and charging can only be done at relatively low rates compared to other chemistries.
  • Page 23: Special Modes Program

    You can easily break-in new brushed electric motors using a variable voltage and running time. Note that the iCharger cannot directly drive brushless DC motors and that brushless motors do require or benefit from a breaking-in process. With this function you also check the motor performance to optimize your power-train.
  • Page 24: Measuring Internal Resistance Of The Battery

    The lower the resistance, the less restriction the battery encounters in delivering the needed power spikes. The iCharger can not only measure the internal resistance of the battery pack, and also can measure the per-cell internal resistance(only available for lithium battery).
  • Page 25: Data Save/load Program

    3010B Data save/load program The iCharger has a storage and load program for your convenience. This feature can store up to 10 battery datasets by number. Each dataset represent your settings for a particular set of batteries. Datasets can be reloaded for charging or discharging to save having to re-enter all the parameter values again by hand.
  • Page 26 3010B Log Files Management iCharger 3010B has a 16Mbit flash storage, which can log offline charge and discharge data in 31 hours. The users can transfer these data to logview for analyzing and plotting when it is necessary. Log files management. The value showed on the left side of the second line PROGRAM SELECT is Free Capacity / Free Logging Time alternatively.
  • Page 27 Warning and error in formation The iCharger incorporates a wide range of protection and alarm functions to monitor the operation of the charger. This includes verifying the internal state and the condition of its electronics. In the case of any error being detected the screen displays the error cause and the charger generates 3 beeps.
  • Page 28: Error Messages

    Synchronous Balance Charger/Discharger 3010B Error messages REVERSE POLARITY The output is connected to a battery with incorrect polarity CHECK CONNECTION This will be displayed when an interruption of the connection between CONNECTION battery and the charger output has been detected during charging or BREAK DOWN discharging.
  • Page 29: Usb Port Interpretation

    (you can download the latest file). The progress bar will appear after you click ―Update…‖ Note: You must only ever use the supplied USB cable provided with your iCharger as this is a custom cable with internal differences from other USB cables.
  • Page 30 Click DeviceChoose device and port . (Showed in picture 2) Choose iCharger3010B in the following options, and then choose the correct communication Port. (Showed in picture 3) Start iCharger‘s charge or discharge mode, then click ―Start recording‖ to record data. See other functions of this software on ―Help‖. -30-...
  • Page 31 Synchronous Balance Charger/Discharger 3010B Optional parts Balance Connector Conversion Board CB1010-XH CB1010-EH 44mm 44mm For Align/Dualshy pack etc. For Kokam/Graupher pack etc. CB1010-AQP CB1010-TP 51mm 44mm For Polyquest/Hyperion pack etc. For Thunder power/Flight power packs etc. Wire BW-1111 TW-2...
  • Page 32: Limited Warranty

    Synchronous Balance Charger/Discharger 3010B Limited warranty iCharger are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one  calendar year from date of purchase. Your selling dealer is your first point of contact for warranty issues.

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