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JRC JFV-700 Installation Manual Page 33

Color echo sounder.
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2.9.4 Connection to Squid Fishing Gear
Be sure to select "Display" for the cursor display. If you turn on
the function when "Off" is selected, improper data can be gener-
•œ Bubbles or thick plankton layer in the upper surface can prevent
determining state of sea bottom. In such case, the cursor posi-
tion depth data shall be used.
•œ Prior to the connection, you must confirm the squid fishing gear
maker if the sensor can be connected to it.
Depth of sea bottom or at cursor position can be output to the squid fishing gear. Switch-
ing between the sea bottom depth and the cursor position depth is done from the squid
fishing gear.
This function is not available for a squid fishing gear that does not accept
signal in the NMEA0183 format. Contact our Marketing people for the fol-
lowing software that can establish connection between such machine:
SE50/SE60 from Sanmei Marine Co. designed for a squid fishing
gear requiring software replacement.
When three or more outputs are read in parallel, you need to connect the buffer (separately
available NQA-602DC).
When generating output of the cursor position water depth, select "Display" of the cursor.
(1) Connecting procedure: See Figure 2.4
Connect the J907 ‡B (OUT) to "NMEA +in" of the NMEA input from the external
Then, connect the J907 ‡C (GND) to "NMEA -in" of the NMEA input from the external
(2) Setup procedure
Select "DISPLAY SETTING" from the main menu, then select "Display" for the cursor
from sub-menu "VRM" (the system is initially set to "Display"). For the operation, see
page 28 in the Instruction Manual.


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