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Yamakawa dvd-238 users manual
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Important Saftey Instructions
When the power cord or plug is damaged or frayed.
If liquid have been spilled onto the DVD-Player. .
If the DVD-Player has been exposed to rain or
If the DVD-Player does not operate normally after
you have followed the operating instructions. Ad
just only those controls covered by the operating
instructions; improper adjustments to other con
trols may result in damage and may require ex
tensive work by a qualified technician to restore
the DVD-Player to normal operation.
If the DVD-Player has been dropped or the cabi
net has been damaged.
W hen the video and audio of DVD-Player exhibits
a distinct change in performance.
To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove
the cover (front or back). No user-serviceable
parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service
This product applies to U.S. Patent Nos. 4,631,
603, 4,577,216, 4,819,098 and 4,907,093 Li-
censed for limited viewing uses only.
DVD-Player is a high quality laser product. This
player uses a visible laser beam that could cause
hazardous radiation exposure if directed to the

Notes on Discs

Handling precautions
Hold the disc by the edges so the surface will not be
soiled with fingerprints. Fingerprints, dirt and
scratches can cause skipping and distortion.
Do not write on the label side with a ball-point pen or
other writing tools.
Do not use record cleaning sprays, benzene, thinner, ,
static electricity prevention liquids or any other
Be careful not to drop or bend the disc.
Do not install more than 1 disc on the disc tray. .
Do not try to close the disc tray when the disc is not
installed properly.
Be sure to store the disc in its exclusive case.
If the Surface is soiled
W ipe gently with a soft, damp (water only) cloth.
When wiping discs, always move the cloth from the
center hole toward the outer edge.
If you wipe the discs using a circular motion, circular
scratches are likely to occur, which will cause noise
while playing.
If the disc is brought from cold to warm environment,
moisture may form on the disc.
Wipe this moisture off with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth
before using the disc.
Improper disc storage
You can damage discs if you store them in the follow-
ing places:
Areas exposed to direct sunlight.
Humid or dusty areas.
Areas directly exposed to a heat outlet or heating
The player cannot play discs
DVD region code is not suitable for your player. .
Be sure to turn the power button OFF and discon-
nect the power plug before maintaining the unit.
W ipe this unit with a dry soft cloth.
If the surface is extremely dirty, wipe clean with a
cloth that has been dipped in water and then wipe
again with a dry cloth.
Never use alcohol, benzene, thinner, cleaning fluid
or other chemicals. And do not use compressed air
to remove dust.


Table of Contents

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