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What Is Jpeg; Playing Your Jpeg Files - Yamakawa DVD-238 User Manual

Yamakawa dvd-238 users manual
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Special Operation

What is JPEG

JPEG is short for the "Joint Photographic Experts Group", a group of experts nominated to produce standards for
continuous tone image coding.
The best known standard from JPEG is IS 10918-1 (ITU-T T.81), which is the first of a multi-part set of standards
for still image compression. This allows you to create files (such as photographs, drawings, and most clip-art)
that can be archived on a CD-R for viewing on the RDV650, computer, or the web.

Playing Your JPEG Files

Normal Slide Show Presentation
W hen a JPEG disc is loaded into the player, a menu will appear on screen. (the same as the on screen menu of
MP3) Each picture in the current directory will be displayed consecutively in a slideshow presentation and will be
automatically displayed using the largest size that fits in your television screen. Sixteen slideshow "transition"
modes are provided. Use the "PROGRAM" button to select one of the following transition effects:
mode 1: Wipe Top (by default)
mode 3: W ipe Left
mode 5: Diagonal W ipe Left Top
mode 7: Diagonal W ipe Left Bottom
mode 9: Extend From Center H
mode 11: Compress To Center H
mode 13: W indow H
mode 15: W ipe From Edge To Center
Press "1/ALL" button to select different play modes including: Random, Repeat One, Repeat All, Repeat Off,
Single and Shuffle.
Image Rotation
There are four modes to rotate a picture: Invert, Mirror, Left, and Right. These operations are allowed only when a
picture is being displayed normally, and will be cancelled automatically when the next picture is displayed (press"next"
or "prev")The arrow key are used to select the different rotation modes:
Up -Mirror/Vertical
Down -Mirror/Horizontal
Left -Turn left
Right -Turn right
This features allows you to view a picture at 50%-200% in several increments. Press the "ZOOM" button. An on
screen message (" Zoom 100% ") will verify your selection. Use "F.F" and "F.R" keys to control the amount of zoom in
and out. Press the direction keys to move the picture in any direction. Press "Zoom" button again to exit the "Zoom"
mode and back to normal operation.
Note: When in the "ZOOM" mode, the slideshow transition and image transformation features are disabled.
W hen JPEG CD is played, the "MENU" key is used to display JPEG folders and the corresponding files. During the
playback, press "STOP" to access thumbnail menu.
mode 2: W ipe Bottom
mode 4: W ipe Right
mode 6: Diagonal W ipe Right Top
mode 8: Diagonal W ipe Right Bottom
mode 10: Extend From Center V
mode 12: Compress To Center V
mode 14: Window V
mode 16: Move In From Top


Table of Contents

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