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Special Operation

What is WMA

WMA, short for W indows Media Audio, is also a digital audio file similar to a MP3. WMAs are more efficient than
MP3s because they can be compressed to an even smaller size than MP3s. This simply means that a WMA
takes up less space on your hard drive then a MP3 of the same song does. It also has high sound quality and
can be played on your computer like a MP3 but only works with W indows Media Player.
The same as MP3 operation. (Please refer to Page 12)


Progressive Scan is a scanning process used in describing how the electronics of such devices work, but also
describes a process used by image processors and decodes interpolate MPEG-2 formats.
1. This function only works when the TV supports Progressive Scan function.
2. Please refer to Page 6 "Component Output" to understand the way to connect the
TV set.
3. Please refer to Page 20 "TV Mode" to understand the system setting.
4. You can also press the "P-Scan" button on the remote control to switch to P-SCAN
TV mode.
Note: If your TV doesn' t support P-Scan mode, the screen will disappear, press it again to solve the problem.

What is DVD-Audio

DVD-Audio is a format specifically designed to provide the highest possible audio fidelity capable on DVD. The
audio fidelity of DVD-Audio far exceeds the quality of conventional CD's and audio on DVD-Video.
DVD-Audio takes advantage of the large storage capacity, speed and flexibility possible with DVD. DVD-Audio
provides for audio in stereo and in multi-channel surround in a wide range of specifications. In addition to
audio, a DVD-Audio disk can contain a limited amount of video, which can be used to display text, such as lyrics
or notes; or stills such as a photo album. Up to 16 graphic stills can be associated with each track and on-
screen displays can be used for lyrics and disc navigation. As an option, a DVD-Audio disc can also include
audio tracks recorded in the DVD-Video specification (Dolby Digital and DTS) for compatibility with DVD-Video


Table of Contents

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