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Yamakawa dvd-238 users manual
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System Configuration

Use the Setup Menu display to change the system configuration. In this section, each item on the Setup Menu display will be
described.Use "
" buttons to select the item that you want and press "PLAY" or "ENTER" button to confirm.

General Setup Page

TV Display
The type TV set (4:3 or 16:9) connected to the player and the wide screen
picture type for a 4:3 TV can be set. Select "General Setup Page". You
will see the following table on the screen. Press "
Display". Press "PLAY" to confirm your choice. This setting can only be
changed on the setup menu.
Select this option when you connect a normal TV to the player.
Displays the wide picture with a portion automatically cut off (the
left and right edges).
Select this for a conventional sized TV set. Black bands appear in both
upper and down sides. (Letter-Box Style)
Select this for a wide-screen TV set, played in full size. Setting the
side-screen TV to FULL mode is also necessary.

Angle Mark

Press "
" to select "Angle Mark". This function can be set to "On"
or "Off." This function only works on the discs that support the multiple
angle view feature.

OSD Lang

The setup menu can be shown in other languages. You can choose
another language by pressing "
the power off will not effect the setting. T he setting can only be
changed on the setup menu.
Note:Some DVD may not include the pre-selected languages. In this case, the player
automatically displays menu which is consistent with the disc' s initial language setting.
Press "" to select "Captions". This function allows you to turn the sub-
titles on or off.

Screen Saver

Press "
" to select "Screen Saver". This function can be set to
"On" or "Off."

Last Memory

Press "
" to select "Last Memory". When the setting is "On", the
player starts memorizing the last memory of the last disk. This function
only works when the player is powered on.
The deluxe version model which supports DVD-Audio. You have to
set "DVD-Audio" as the first "Priority" while playing "DVD-Audio"
" to select "TV
" to select "OSD Lang". Turning


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents