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BIO RAD PowerPac User Manual: Maintenance And Troubleshooting; Maintenance; Troubleshooting

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Section 4

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

4.1 Maintenance

The PowerPac Basic requires little maintenance to assure reliable operation. To clean the
case, first unplug the power supply. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the outer case.

4.2 Troubleshooting

No display/lights/fan
Repeated blown fuses Hardware failure
Leads from cell are
not long enough to fit PowerPac Basic are
output jacks
E1 error code
E2 error code
E3 error code
E5 error code
Detection played
E6 error code
E7 error code
1. No AC power.
2. Blown fuse.
3. Power switch
exercised rapidly to
the on and off
Output terminals for the
recessed 16 mm to
meet safety regulations.
Some leads are not
long enough to make
electrical connection.
No load detected
Instrument not
connected to PS
The current load is
below 4mA
Over current (load
current greater then
400 mA)
Over voltage (load
voltage over 300 V)
A power failure occurred during a timed run with Power Fail
(PFd) activated, and run is completed. Power Fail detection (Pfd) is
de-activated after completion or termination of each run.
A power failure occurred during a timed run without Power Fail
Detection (PFd) activated, and run is not completed.
Power Failure occurred during an untimed run or the power switch
was turned off before pressing stop,. and run is not completed.
Power Fail detect (Pfd) cannot be activated for untimed runs.
1. Check if PowerPac Basic is
unplugged, or problem with AC
power source, or power switch is in
off position.
2. Replace fuse. See section 4.3 for
3. The unit needs to be reset. Turn
power switch to the off position,
wait 5–10 seconds, then turn
power switch to the on position to
normal operation.
Contact Bio-Rad Technical Resources.
Use the PowerPac Adaptor, which
accommodates most standard 4 mm
banana plugs, to make a secure
electrical connection.
Note: Use of the PowerPac Adaptor
voids EN61010 safety provisions.
Verify all electrical connections.
Verify buffer levels where appropriate.
Check for and correct any short circuit
or excessive load problem. Excessive
load due to high buffer concentration
will require the buffer be remade.
• Press
key to resume the run or,
• To clear the error code, press any
key (other then
Turn power supply off, then on to.
reset If problems persists, contact
Bio-Rad Technical Resources.


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