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JVC CU-VD50AA Instructions Manual

Jvc dvd recorder - dvd burner user manual
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  • Page 1 CU-VD50AA / AG DVD Burner INSTRUCTIONS...
  • Page 2: Basic Guide

    Get ready a recommended disc Use DVD-R, DVD-RW or DVD-R DL disc of the brands listed below. DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM discs cannot be used. DVD-R JVC, TDK, Brand Verbatim, SONY • DVD-R DL (single-sided double layer) discs can be used only when the Caution burner is connected to a high definition Everio camera.
  • Page 3 Open the tray and insert the disc • The tray cannot be opened/closed when the burner is off. Caution A Press the eject button. Close the tray • Push in until the tray snaps in. Open the LCD monitor • The Everio camera turns on. •...
  • Page 4 Copying Videos to a DVD Operate on the Everio camera. Depending on the model connected, the on-screen display may differ from those shown below. Select (move up-down) Confirm (push in) Select “CREATE FROM ALL” VIDEO CREATE FROM ALL SELECT AND CREATE PLAYBACK FINALIZE SELECT...
  • Page 5 Playing Videos Stored on the DVD Connect this burner to the TV To power supply outlet To DC jack Power lamp • For details, refer to “Connecting to the TV” (P.12, 13). Remove the USB cable • The power lamp on the burner changes as follows. Green Blinking orange •...
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    This burner enables DVDs of videos recorded with the JVC Hard Disk Camera to be created without using a PC. • If you want to edit videos recorded with the camera and create your original DVDs, use the software provided with the camera for editing and creating DVDs.
  • Page 7 Safety Precautions for the Burner Be sure to observe the following precautions. Failing to do so may result in electric shock, fire, injury, or malfunction. • Do not disassemble, dismantle, or modify the equipment. Requests for repair and inspection should be made to the dealer.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety Precautions ... 6 Getting Started... 9 Accessories ... 9 Placing the Burner ... 9 Names and Functions of Each Part ... 10 Front and Top Panel... 10 Rear Panel... 10 Remote Control ... 11 Connecting to the TV ... 12 Connecting to a TV with HDMI Input Terminal ...
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Getting Started If there are any items missing, please consult your authorised dealer. AC adapter (AP-V50U) Audio/Video cable DVD-R (blank disc) x 1 CD-ROM (data writing software) x 1 Do not use the provided AC adapter and power cord for other devices. In addition, do not use AC adapter and power cord other than those provided with this burner.
  • Page 10: Names And Functions Of Each Part

    Names and Functions of Each Part Power (On/Off) Power lamp Power on: orange USB connected: green Remote control sensor Tray Access lamp To eject tray (P. 3) Connect to the Everio camera (P. 14) Connect to the PC (P. 16) Connect to the AC adapter Front and Top Panel...
  • Page 11: Remote Control

    Power (On/Off) To perform basic setup (P. 34) To display the playback navigator (P. 23) Basic playback operations (P. 25, 28) • If the burner responds poorly to the remote control, the battery of the Note remote control is weak. Replace it with a new battery. Insert correctly according to the e and d directions indicated.
  • Page 12: Connecting To The Tv

    Connecting to the TV Connecting to a TV with HDMI Input Terminal This burner HDMI cable (not provided) • Images can only be displayed on a High-bandwidth Digital Content Note Protection (HDCP) monitor. • We recommend using the Category 2 HDMI cable (High Speed cable) for viewing in higher picture quality.
  • Page 13: Connecting To A Tv With Component Video Input Connectors

    Connecting to a TV with Component Video Input Connectors Component video cable (not provided) This burner Audio cable (not provided) • Connect to a High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) Note monitor when using an HDMI-DVI conversion cable. Connecting to a TV with Audio/Video Input Connectors This burner Audio/Video cable (provided)
  • Page 14: Copying Everio Video To A Dvd

    Copying Everio Video to a DVD By connecting this burner to an Everio camera, you can easily copy recorded images to a DVD. Connecting to an Everio Camera • Everio: Off Preparations • This burner: Off USB connector USB cable (provided with CU-VD50) To DC jack •...
  • Page 15: Creating Avchd Disc/Data Disc/Dvd-Video

    Creating AVCHD Disc/Data Disc/DVD-Video Discs that can be created on this burner High definition videos in AVCHD Disc AVCHD format. High definition videos in Data Disc MPEG-2 format. Standard definition videos DVD-Video in MPEG-2 format. • High definition Everio GZ-HD30/HD40 supports both AVCHD and MPEG-2 format recording.
  • Page 16: Copying From Pc To Dvd

    Copying from PC to DVD This burner can be used as a DVD burner when connected to a PC. And you can use the provided software to copy to a DVD. • Everio: Off Preparations • This burner: Off USB cable (provided with Everio) USB connector DC connector...
  • Page 17: Computers That Can Be Used

    • For details on using Power2Go, refer to the User’s guide, Help and Note Readme files installed with the software. You can access the User’s guide, Help and Readme files from the Start menu on the PC. • To get customer support and to register the software, you need the following product key (CD-Key): PXNVM-NWE4G-XQD9Q-CU9DX-3FQFN-NAKUS •...
  • Page 18: Installing Cyberlink Power2Go 5.5 Lite

    Installing CyberLink Power2Go 5.5 Lite • Do not play the provided CD-ROM in an audio player. It is not an audio Caution CD. Playing this CD-ROM in an audio player will result in a loud high noise. It may also damage the circuit and speaker. Insert the provided CD-ROM in the PC Windows Vista: A Click “Run INSTALL.EXE”...
  • Page 19 Enter the “User Name” and “Company Name” and then click “Next” Follow the on-screen intructions • Installation starts. After a while, the “InstallShield Wizard Complete” screen appears. Click “Finish” • The computer will restart and installation is completed. • If the screen on the right does not appear, proceed to step Click “Finish”...
  • Page 20: Cyberlink Power2Go 5.5 Lite Contact Information

    CyberLink Power2Go 5.5 Lite Contact Information For information on CyberLink Power2Go 5.5 Lite or other products, use the following contact information. Telephone/fax support Location Language English / German / Germany French / Spanish / Italian Taiwan Mandarin Japan Japanese Paid voice support Location Language U.S.A.
  • Page 21: Folder Configuration

    Folder Configuration This shows the folder configuration when files are copied from a high definition Everio camera or a PC to a DVD. When Copying from High Definition Everio to Data Disc [EVERIO_V] EVERIO VIDEO ROOT [EVERIO_S] EVERIO IMAGE Video and still image files recorded on a high definition Everio camera that are copied to this burner will be stored in the “EVERIO_V”...
  • Page 22: When Copying From High Definition Everio To Avchd Disc

    When Copying from High Definition Everio to AVCHD Disc [BDMV] ROOT [EVERIO_I] When Creating and Storing Desired Folders and Files on a PC ROOT *2, 3 [USER_DAT] *2 Create folders with Power2Go and copy the desired video and/or still image files into the folders.
  • Page 23: Playing Images Stored On The Dvd

    Playing Images Stored on the DVD You can play back video and still images of Everio stored on a DVD. Viewing Images Copied from the High Definition Everio To start viewing immediately after storing images on a DVD A Remove the USB cable. (P. 14) B Connect this burner to the TV.
  • Page 24 Digest Playback (for AVCHD disc only) • Use the selection keys to select “DIGEST PLAYBACK” and press the ENTER button. The videos will be played back for several seconds consecutively. • Press the NAVIGATION/TOP MENU button during playback to display the sub menu.
  • Page 25 Displaying the TOOL MENU [for data disc (video/still images) only] You can switch between video/still images or display file details from the TOOL MENU. Operate when playback navigator is displayed A Select Select an item with the selection keys and press the ENTER button. •...
  • Page 26 Remote Control Button Rewinds playback. Changes in the order of Search b1 to Search b3 with each press. Press the button when in the paused mode to enable reverse playback frame by frame. (Not available for AVCHD disc.) Reverse playback at slow speed is not possible.
  • Page 27: Viewing Dvd-Video Copied From Everio

    Viewing DVD-Video Copied from Everio To start viewing immediately after storing images on a DVD A Remove the USB cable. (P. 14) B Connect this burner to the TV. • For details on connection, refer to “Connecting to the TV” (P. 12, 13). •...
  • Page 28 Buttons that can be used during playback (DVD-Video) Remote Control Button Pressing this button when in the paused or variable speed PLAY playback mode resumes normal playback. PAUSE Pauses playback. STOP Stops playback. Fast-forwards playback. Changes in the order of Search +1 to Search +3 with each press.
  • Page 29: Changing The Playback Settings

    Changing the Playback Settings You can alter the method for playing back video/still images as well as the image settings. Operate during playback indicates the default settings during purchase of this product. DISC SETTING If the disc contains more than one audio language, subtitle language or has multi-angle scenes, you can select with this setting.
  • Page 30 VIDEO SETTING PICTURE QUALITY For specifying the video image quality. NORMAL Set to this value under normal circumstances. CINEMA Plays back in cinema-like picture quality. FINE Plays back in clear sharply defined picture quality. SOFT Plays back in soft textured picture quality. Plays back images in the picture quality specified in USER SETTING “DETAIL SETTING”.
  • Page 31: Operate In Conjunction With Tv Via Hdmi

    Operate in Conjunction with TV via HDMI Connecting this burner to an HDMI-CEC-enabled TV using the HDMI cable allows you to utilise the following convenient functions. • Connect an HDMI cable between this Preparations burner and the TV. (P. 12) •...
  • Page 32 • HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is an industry standard that Note enables interoperability between HDMI-CEC compliant devices that are connected via HDMI cables. • Not all HDMI-compatible devices comply with the HDMI-CEC standard. The HDMI control function of this burner will not work when connected to these devices.
  • Page 33: Viewing High Quality Images

    Viewing High Quality Images You can change the video output resolution when this burner is connected to a high definition TV using a HDMI or component video cable. Operate when in the intermediate screen* * To display the intermediate screen, refer to page 34. •...
  • Page 34: Settings Menu

    Settings Menu Change the settings of this burner according to the environment of use. Menu Operation Procedures • The SET UP button can only function when the intermediate screen Caution (screen without image display) is displayed. If the playback navigator is displayed, press STOP (for AVCHD disc and DVD-Video) or NAVIGATION/TOP MENU (for data disc) to clear the screen.
  • Page 35: Settings Menu Items And Descriptions

    Settings Menu Items and Descriptions indicates the default settings during purchase of this product. Menu items for which setting cannot be changed will appear grayed out on the screen. DISC SETTING If the disc contains more than one audio language, subtitle language or has multi-angle scenes, you can select with this setting.
  • Page 36 During output in D5 (1080p) (P. 12) 24p OUTPUT JVC camcorders do not support 1080/24p recording. (As of May 2008.) Specify this setting when viewing video images recorded by other devices in 1080/24p on a TV that supports 1080/24p via HDMI connection.
  • Page 37 Deep Color This function works during playback. Specify this setting when viewing images on a TV that supports Deep Color. This allows viewing of high definition images of 30-bit and 36-bit colour depths that are higher than the full 24-bit colour. Select this value to view high definition images on a TV that AUTO supports Deep Colour.
  • Page 38 OTHER SETTING RESUME * For specifying whether to memorise the stop position. Memorise the stop position. Do not memorise the stop position. ON SCREEN GUIDE For specifying whether to display the playback status information. AUTO Display for 5 seconds. Do not display. ON SCREEN LANGUAGE For specifying the language to be displayed for the settings menu screen and others.
  • Page 39: Screen Displays

    Screen Displays You can display information during playback on the screen. • Press each time to hide/show information. During playback of AVCHD disc copied from a high definition Everio Title Number Playback Position During playback of video data disc copied from a high definition Everio Playback Position Chapter Number...
  • Page 40 During playback of still image data disc copied from a high definition Everio During playback of DVD disc copied from Everio Title Number Playback Position File Date/Time Disc Type 01.06.2008 10:20 DVD-R Playback Mode Chapter Number Playback Time Disc Type DVD-R Audio Format 00:00:25...
  • Page 41: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Trouble Cannot turn the power on. Cannot function properly. The burner or AC adapter is hot. The power lamp blinks slowly in red while using the burner. The burner is not recognised by the Everio camera. The burner is not recognised by the PC.
  • Page 42 Trouble The remote control is not working. Unable to operate. No images on the TV. Images are distorted during fast-forward/ fast-reverse playback. The images cannot be displayed in the normal aspect ratio. Reading fails. Playback cannot function properly. Digest Playback starts when the PREVIOUS / NEXT button is pressed...
  • Page 43 Trouble Unable to read the content of the AVCHD disc using the PC’s explorer function. Unable to play back images added by a The TV switches input automatically when the burner is played. The TV turns off when this burner is turned off.
  • Page 44 Problems with seamless playback During continuous playback of multiple files, the image will freeze for a few seconds while switching the files in the following cases. • When the recording dates are different: The image will freeze for a few seconds when switching between files with different recording dates.
  • Page 45: Error Messages

    Error Messages Trouble Unplayable disc Incompatible disc Unfinalized disc Use finalized disc Disc error Region code error Cannot execute the operation Cannot play back No video files stored No image files stored Action The disc may be dirty. Clean the disc and try again. The disc or data format is not supported.
  • Page 46: Other Information

    If the number for a disc does not match the number for the player, the disc cannot be played on the player. Disclaimer JVC accepts no liability whatsoever for loss of data resulting from inappropriate connections or handling. Copyrights Duplicating copyright protected material, for other than personal use, without the permission of the copyright holder is prohibited by copyright law.
  • Page 47 Registered Trademarks and Trademarks • Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Vista are is either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. • Macintosh and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.
  • Page 48: Specifications

    *1 DVD-R DL discs can be used when the burner is connected to a high definition Everio and PC. *2 For DVD-R DL manufactured by JVC, use of discs with the “Also recommended for high definition Everio” message stated is recommended.
  • Page 49 Discs supported DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW Data format AVCHD or DVD data disc created by connecting to a high (extension) definition Everio DVD video disc created by connecting to Everio DVD data disc for which data is recorded using the high definition Everio, processed using an editing software of Everio, and written to a specific folder on this burner •...
  • Page 50 When connected to an Everio camera Interface USB 2.0 Interface cable USB cable (Mini A type - Mini B type) Compatible discs for Everio writing High definition (8 cm discs cannot Everio be used) Recording format Everio High definition Everio Recording time Everio High definition...
  • Page 51 Interface USB 2.0, USB 1.1 *1 Interface cable USB cable (USB cable provided with Everio can also be used) Supported operating Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional system Windows Vista Premium (Macintosh is not supported.) Data buffer capacity 2 MB Data transfer rate Writing (for USB 2.0)
  • Page 52 Printed in Malaysia © 2008 Victor Company of Japan, Limited 0608MNH-SW-VM...

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