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Ac Adaptor - JVC XL-PG3B Instructions Manual

Jvc portable cd player instructions
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AC adaptor

• Handle the AC adaptor carefully. Improper handling is dan-
• Do not touch it with wet hands.
• Do not place heavy objects on top of it.
• Do not forcibly bend it.
• Be sure to connect only the specified AC adaptor with the unit.
• Disconnect the AC adaptor from the power outlet if the unit is
not going to be used for a long time.
No altering or remodeling
This can cause malfunctioning.
No dropping or strong impacts
This may damage the unit.
Locations to be avoided
Avoid using the unit in the following locations since they can cause
1.Bathrooms and other moisture-prone places.
2.Warehouses and other dusty places
3.Very hot places near heating appliances, etc.
Do not leave the unit exposed to direct sunlight for long
periods of time
This may deform or discolor the cabinet and may also cause
When purchasing AC adaptor
Be absolutely sure to purchase the AC adaptor designed espe-
cially for this unit.
AC adaptor: AA-R4514
For details, check with your dealer.



Table of Contents

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