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Leica MK8 Technical Manual

Ap gps navigators
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February 1998
3 5 0 8 101
Specifications may
Trouble Shooting
Technical data
International Service
Special Features
changed without prior notice.



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  Summary of Contents for Leica MK8

  • Page 1 Installation Interface Trouble Shooting Maintenance Technical data International Service Special Features Lists February 1998 3 5 0 8 101 87993 Specifications may changed without prior notice.
  • Page 2 The availability and precision will be kept within the stated limits as far as the allows. military and political situation The MK8 and MK9 are prepared for direct connection to DGPS Beacon Receiver (Philips 1000). The will for this purpose need a DGPS software upgrade and a new interface cable allowing data input.
  • Page 3 interface t o Other Equipment NMEA Hardware Schematics page 10 NMEA Sentences page 1 2 Trouble Shooting Guide page 1 9 Navigator Self -test page 2 0 Signal Quality Control page Maintenance page 2 5 Software Update page 27 Technical D a t a page International Service, Main Distributors page...
  • Page 4 M K 8 deck. The fully splash proof but not watertight. The installation should in unit t h e first instance meet the requirements of the heimsman or the crew, but secondarily the site should be a smooth and flat nearly vertical surface t o insure t h a t the gasket around the holes for connection plugs and fixing screws are waterproof.
  • Page 5 Figure kit. The fuse c a n Amp. cables included in t h e standard...
  • Page 6 A template M K 8 & MK9' where y o u w a n t your installed. Be sure that y o u have access unit t o back side for tightening the nuts. Recommended tools for installation. Toots: Use: To tighten the nuts.
  • Page 8 The MK8 and MK9 navigators have t w o independent possible interfaces. Man Over Board input and an NMEA 0183 version 2.0 talkerhstener interface. Board A push button connected between the a n on/off switch) (optional) can Man Over Board input (D-SUB pin 4) and the REF GND (D-SUB pin 1).
  • Page 9 More than one NMEA listener can be connected in parallel to t h e NMEA talker. The possible maximum dependent on the listener input impedance. A typical installation is shown figure 4.
  • Page 10 Interface The Philips NMEA 0183 Repeater Display should be connected t o the navigator in figure 5. (Connections are specified on page 4). not used Figure 5 Please note NMEA talker (output) be connected t o t h e Repeater Display but left open.
  • Page 11 Recommended external serial resistor value (see figure 6 previous page) for the Drive Resistor Drive Resistor voltage value voltage value 8 volt 2.7 KOhm 3 volt 470 Ohm 9 volt 3.3 KOhm 1.0 KOhm 10 volt 3.9 KOhm 5 volt 1.5 KOhm volt 3.9 KOhm...
  • Page 12: Data Format

    The NMEA Standard provides for asynchronous transmission, with a single TALKER and multiple LISTENERS per line. Typical use includes information transfer from oicclr onic positioning and navigational devices to autopilots, plotters, terminals, printers, etc. The NMEA 01 83 uses bit ASCII block oriented protocol, that is Standard not compatible with the N M E A...
  • Page 13 1992, JANUARY 1, 1552. ACCORDING N M E A 01 VERSION RMC - Recommended Minimum Specific GPS data: Time, date, position, course and speed data provided by er. Checksum is mandatory in this sentence. This sentence is transmitted a t intervals n o t exceeding 2 seconds, and is always accompanied by RMB w h e n a destination waypoint is selected.
  • Page 14 Autopilot sentence "B" Commonly used b y autopilots, this sentence contains navigation receiver update status, cross-track error, initial bearing f r o m origin waypoint t o the next destination waypoint in the sailplan, continuous bearing from present position t o destination and recommended heading t o steer t o destination waypoint for the active navigation leg o f the sailplan.
  • Page 15 GGA - Global Positioning System Fix Data: Time, position a n d f i x related data for GPS receiver. This sentence is available in MK8 with differential software and MK9 only. Field: 5 6 7 8 explanation: 1. UTC o f Position 2.
  • Page 16 Latitude and 1.ongitude specified waypoint The content of ?his sentence will normally be the position of the next waypoint in t h e sailplan. When following the RTE sentence positions of all the waypoints in the sailpian will be transmitted. f i e l d : explanation: 2.
  • Page 17 ACCORDING TO NMEA 0183, VERSfON 1.5 DECEMBER 1987: GLL - Geographic Position Latitude a n d Longitude Latitude a n d longitude o f present vessel position. f i e l d : explanation: Latitude o f present position 3. N o r t h South, N / S 4.
  • Page 18 RECEIVED sentence by the Description The navigaIor n o t use the TALKER identifier, and pair of characters does within the N M E A specification are valid. The navigator accepts floating format in the received numbers, and checksum is optional, but if applied, the navigator will reject any data contained in a sentence with erroneous checksum.
  • Page 19 Please check installation carefully before returning the navigator for serv- your ice. A f e w hints are fisted in the table below. The navigator executes an online check o f essential functions. If a function is found erroneous, the navigator gives a n 'Internal Error' message every minute.
  • Page 20 make the navigator: Select SE T U P. BLEEP NAVIGATOR TEST" display, pressing o down key. t h e 3. Press rhe E-key. "OFF" is flashing. or down key t o acti- t h e v a l e t h e function ( " O N " ) . Press the E-key t o start the test.
  • Page 21 Bleep test will sound If no this will errors are found displayed. if an error code is displayed, note number and contact your service dealer. test. Display numeric Display dot test.
  • Page 22 Hour HOOP UPT OFF RL GC DCPS BLEEP WRR E l l 0 Rfl/Pn RCTUAL OFF DRTE Oh' MK8 display . . _ _ _ Key board test. symbols appear the dis- play- 8. Press the UP key and the will stop flashing.
  • Page 23 To check the signal quality, you can monitor the signalhoise ratio in POSITION. how: following example describes POSITION jump to point number SETUP. Select BLEEP POSITION Scroll up or down with the arrow keys to select the SAT INFO display. 4.
  • Page 24 SETUP 7. Select POSITION. SETUP Scroll up or down with the arrow keys t o select the SATELLITE display. over number, ELevation horizon, Azimuth from true North ratio. Press the up down arrow key to see the other displays, there 6, one for each channel.
  • Page 25 The navigator is almost maintenance free. There is, however, a f e w important points to be noted. Battery. The internal real time clock and memory that keeps track of waypoints, alarm limits etc is backed up by a lithium cell battery (Type Expected life time is years.
  • Page 26 Replacement Fuse. The navigator has an internal fuse to protect the electronic from overvoltage or wrong polarity. 1.25 A fast blow 05mm by 20mm must be used. Suppliers will typical be a radio shop. your marine electronic dealer The fuse is placed a t the back of the navigator unit (see figure 7). You must disconnect the power cable before installing the replacement fuse.
  • Page 27 If n e w software features (e.g. Differential GPS for MK8) become available, will b e notified through the boating press or directly from your dealer. The software updates will be available for a nominal fee.
  • Page 28 Tech n i c a I Technology Navigator: channels parallel continues tracking. Receiver: Transparent STN Liquid Crystal. Display: Type: 8 : 1 Multiplexed: Back light: Yellow LEDs. Protection : Embossed membrane switch keys). Key board: ona te. Text Foil: Plastic enclosure: D-SUB.
  • Page 29 Cable: Data Length Power: NMEA: m (MK9 only) MOB: Environmental Operating temperature range: Ambient conditions: Splash proof (when mounted correctly). Antenna: Operating temperature range: e, waterproof Ambient conditions: Cables: Operating range: temperature Marine. Ambient conditions: cable. Bends: Minimum radius nge: Storage temperature Relative humidity : Vibrations:...
  • Page 30 Time for battery change is minimum 50 sec- Battery change: onds without loss of data. Fuse: fast blow. From the back the navigator. Replacing: Antenna: 0.1 W supplied by the navigator through the Power Consumption: antenna cable. Supply voltage: Gain: 2.5 dB Noise figure: Program functions...
  • Page 31 Equipment Standard: Navigator unit Drilling template Navigator mounting stays and nuts Supply and interface cable Backup battery cell Users manual Technical manual (this booklet) Patch Antenna Antenna cable Antenna mounting bracket, screws and nuts Antenna mounting instruction Optional Mounting Bracket for below deck installation: Part...
  • Page 32 Belgium Hong Kong See Holland Radio Holland Group 806 Join-In Hang Sing Centre Denmark 75 Container Port Road Leica AP Navigation Kwai Chuna, N.T. Tel: DK-2730 Herlev Tlx: 50881 + 4 5 44 54 0 3 24 Tel: + 4 5 44 94 43 96...
  • Page 33 Sweden South Africa Sportmanship Marin AB Decca Contractors S.A. Pty. Ltd. Bolsheden s I nd u strivaeg 30 1 & 2 Road S-427 22 Bifldal Ottery 7800, Cape + 4 6 31 93 94 00 Ttf: +27 21 70 41 600 Tlf: Fax: + 4 6 31 91 32 31...
  • Page 34: Glossary Of Terms

    ALARM Message which the navigator signals the occurrence of an event. The alarm i s indicated a n atidible tone and a message (or icon) o n the display. A L M A N A C Library coarse satellite orbital characteristics used to calculate satellite rise times, set times, angles of elevation etc.
  • Page 35 EDIT modify display data via keyboard. existing ELEVATION ANGLE The angle made b y the line-of-sight range t o the satellite and the horizontal lite is overhead and degrees when the satellite first appears on the horizon. Satellites whose elevation angle is less than degrees are not good candidates for providing an accurate position (latitude and longitude) update.
  • Page 36 One of the stages in a sailplan. LOCAL TlME ZONE The time zcne (see TIME ZONE) in which the navigator is located LOCAL TIME ZONE OFFSET The number of hours b y which the local time zone differs f r o m Universal Time Coordinated.
  • Page 37: Time Offset

    S A TE L L I TE S I G N AL energy Transmitted electromagnetic from measured by the navigator t o calculate the position of the navigator antenna. SE LE C AVA I LAB I L I S /A A system whereby the accuracy of G P S is reduced.
  • Page 38 G P S ( t h e Global Positioning System) represents the state of the art precise, continuous, world wide satellite navigation. T h e constellation of satellites will ultimately consist of 2 4 operational satellites (21 plus 3 operating spares). The US Department o f Defense (DOD) will declare t h e GPS constellation fully operational w h e n operational (Block satellites...
  • Page 39 The navigator offers a POSITION STORE (MARK) feature. Waypoints this purpose. through are reserved for Store the present position as a way- point: 1. Press the MO5 button briefly (less than 2 seconds). The latitude and longitude of the present position are now stored in the navigator.
  • Page 40 Instead of scrolling through the waypoint bank (for instance from WPT no 56) you can choose to make a short cut by editing the waypoint number. The following example describes how: SETUP Select WAYPQINT. E-key. The fir digit in LAT is flashing. Press the left arrow key.
  • Page 41 is switched ON and OFF A t sunset and sunrise respectively, the backlight automatically. The contrast and back light of the display can be changed t o 1. Select SETUP. Scroll up or down with the arrow keys to the CONTWLIGHT display.
  • Page 46 oint Lis...

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