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Service Modes, Error Codes, Fault Finding - Philips FM242 Service Manual

Colour television.
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5. Service Modes, Error Codes and Fault Finding
Index of this chapter:
1. Test points
2. Service Modes
3. Problems and Solving Tips (related to CSM)
4. ComPair
5. Error Codes
6. The Blinking LED Procedure
7. Protections
8. Repair Tips
Test Points
The chassis is equipped with test points (I- and F-points)
printed on the circuit board assemblies. See test point
overviews in section "Block Diagrams"
Perform measurements under the following conditions:
Service Default Mode.
Video: colour bar signal (via PC or VGA-generator).
Audio: 1 kHz, 2 V
Service Modes
Service Default Mode (SDM) and Service Alignment Mode
(SAM) offer several features for the service technician, while
the Customer Service Mode (CSM) is used for communication
between a Philips Customer Care Centre (P3C) and a
There is also the option of using ComPair, a hardware interface
between a computer (see requirements) and the FTV chassis.
It offers the ability of structured trouble shooting, test pattern
generation, error code reading, software version readout and
software upgrading.
Minimum requirements: a Pentium Processor, Windows 9x/NT/
2000/XP, and a CD-ROM drive (see also paragraph
Note: This FM242-monitor has different as the FM24, not a
internal pdp-testpattern that can be enabled via the SAM-
A test pattern however can be generated.
Select via ComPair-tool the right hex-address (sub
address 0080 and then PS (Pattern Select) (00 full window
black; 01~04 full window white, red, green, blue) and more
variants until 17)
It however only works when set is signalled (Scavio and
pdp, needs a sync). This is less nice solution as in FM24.
Switch off the pattern again via hex-code 0080 and 0
Service Default Mode (SDM)
To create a pre-defined setting to get the same
measurement results as given in this manual.
To override SW protections (only when SDM is entered via
the 'service pins' on connector 0382).
To start the blinking LED procedure.
All picture settings at 50% (brightness, contrast, etc.).
Colour temperature is set to 'normal'.
Bass, treble and balance at 50%; volume at 25%.
All service-unfriendly modes (if present) are disabled, like:
Video blanking,
Slow de-mute,
Anti ageing,
Automatic switch to Standby when no sync signals are
Service Modes, Error Codes and Fault Finding
(via PC or VGA-generator).
FM242 AA
Short SDM pins
(also works from Standby)
Override software
Ignore all "Service unfriendly" modes.
RC button.
Start blinking LED sequence to show the
error codes according to the blinking LED
Lineair audio and video settings are set to
50% (middle value) except volume (set to
low volume level, 25% of max)
"UNDO" ignore all
RC sequence
"00" or
"Service unfriendly
Reset to last status
Figure 5-1 SDM Flowchart
How to enter SDM
Use one of the following methods:
Use the standard RC-transmitter and key in the code
062596, directly followed by the MENU button.
Short jumpers 1 and 2 of connector 0382 on the SCAVIO
After entering SDM, a blank screen is visible, with SDM in the
upper left side for recognition. The Blinking LED procedure is
started and will indicate any possible errors via the (orange)
front LED.
How to navigate
To toggle to the SAM mode, use a standard customer RC-
transmitter and key in the code 062596, directly followed by the
OSD (i+) key.
How to exit
Use one of the following methods (the set returns to its last
Switch the set to STANDBY by pressing the power button
on the remote control transmitter (if you switch the set 'off'
by removing the Mains power, the set will return in SDM,
when the Mains power is re-applied).
Use the standard RC-transmitter and key in the code 00.
Service Alignment Mode (SAM)
To perform (software) alignments.
Easy way to identify the commercial type number of the
Easy identification of the used software versions.
To display (or clear) the error code buffer.
View operational hours.
Operation hours counter.
Software version reading.
Error buffer reading and erasing.
Software alignments.
EN 13
(and all other states)
RC sequence
Mains ON
Service Default Mode
Display SDM in "top line"
Mains OFF
(all other OSD off).
Blinking LED sequence.
or INFO+
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