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Merlin prolift 230T User Manual

Opener for overhead sectional & one piece tilt doors
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prolift 230T
opener for
overhead sectional & one piece tilt doors
remote control openers
security at your fingertips
Toll free helpline
0800 073 0112
Please have your serial
number and model name
available before calling.



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  Summary of Contents for Merlin prolift 230T

  • Page 1 230T opener for overhead sectional & one piece tilt doors Toll free helpline 0800 073 0112 Please have your serial number and model name available before calling.
  • Page 2 The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision. Merlin strongly recommends the use of optical safety beams on all sites as this is a non-contact system Watch the moving door and keep people away until the door is completely opened or closed.
  • Page 3: Operating Door

    Manually operating the door The garage door opener can be disengaged from the garage door to en- able the door to be operated manually. WARNING Door may move suddenly when released. Stand well clear of the path of the moving door.
  • Page 4: Adjusting Chain Tension

    Operating from a wired wall control box Repeated pushes of the large button cause the door to open, stop and close. The small button turns the lamp on or off until the next door operation. Adjusting the chain tension The chain is correctly tensioned when it sags no lower than the bottom of the pole. After tensioning, tighten any locking nuts.
  • Page 5: Setting Up Wireless Controls

    Wireless controls can be hand-held or fixed to walls, such as a wireless keypad, or a wireless wall- switch. Up to 25 Merlin wireless controls can be learned by the opener. After this, the 25th wireless control is over-written in the opener’s memory.
  • Page 6: Remote Transmitter Learning

    Four flashes confirms that RTL is now disabled. To place the opener in learn mode using RTL: Select any two or four button Merlin hand held remote control that is already learned in to the opener. Call this the master remote.
  • Page 7: Troubleshooting

    There are no user serviceable parts inside the opener. The power cord is not intended for replacement by the user. Please refer to your Merlin dealer in the event that replacement is required. Contact your Merlin dealer or Authorised Merlin Installer for any service requirements.
  • Page 8 SOLUTION: Pull the manual release and check that the door can be operated easily by hand through the full range of movement. Adjust or repair the door. Contact your Merlin dealer or Authorised Merlin Installer to adjust the force sensitivity.
  • Page 9: Specifications

    Specifications Replacement light bulb E27 45mm Round, 40W maximum, RC preferred Mains power required 220V to 240 V, 50 Hz, single phase AC, earthed Stand-by power consumption 3W maximum Operating power consumption 900W maximum Rated force 770N maximum Requirements for garage doors Residential one-piece tilt doors: Height: maximum 2.2m...
  • Page 10: Warranty

    C Connection to any garage door outside the specifications set out in the owners manual; D Any modification or repair to the Unit carried by a person not authorised to do so by Merlin; E Radio or any other electrical or electronic interference;...
  • Page 11 During the warranty period, if the product appears as though it may be defective, call our toll free service before removal of the unit. A Merlin technician will diagnose the problem and promptly supply you with the parts for “do-it-yourself” repairs, or provide you with shipping instructions for a factory repair or replacement.
  • Page 12: Merlin Service Centres

    Fax toll free 01709 514 534 Merlin does not accept responsibility for damage or injury resulting from installing this opener. Merlin reserves the right to change the design and specification without prior notification. Some features or accessories may not be available in certain markets or areas. Please check with your distributor.