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Siemens TEL50.GSM General Instructions Manual

Phone remote control.
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Building Technologies

General Instructions

Rev 04 - 10-09-2008
G5434 - TEL50.GSM


   Summary of Contents for Siemens TEL50.GSM

  • Page 1: General Instructions

    Rev 04 - 10-09-2008 TEL50.GSM General Instructions Building Technologies G5434 - TEL50.GSM...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Checking of indicator lamps .........13 ............14 ECHNICAL DATA ..........15 ASIC CONFIGURATION Commands via DTMF tones.........15 Commands via SMS..........16 Temperature sensor querying ......17 ........18 XTENDED CONFIGURATION Creation of a qualified user list ......18 Modification of Input-Output identification string ..20 Building Technologies TEL50.GSM...
  • Page 3: En English

    English Introduction Thank you for choosing this product. Please read this manual carefully to optimize use of the TEL50.GSM. 1.1 Copyright Siemens S.p.A. All rights reserved. The reproduction, modification or transcription of this document without prior written authorization is forbidden except as allowed under the copyright laws.
  • Page 4: Declaration Of Conformity

    1.3 Declaration of conformity Siemens S.p.A. Building Technologies Viale Piero ed Alberto Pirelli, 10 - 20126 Milano (MI) Italy declares on its sole responsibility that the following product: TEL50.GSM complies with the regulations in force with reference to the R&TTE 99/5/EC directive and, above all, with the following standards: Health and Safety (Art.
  • Page 5: Warranty

    1.4 Warranty This product is guaranteed against any material and manufacture defects. SIEMENS reserves the right, at its own discretion, to repair or replace faulty products. The warranty is deemed null and void if the fault is caused by improper use or by an operating procedure that is not included in this manual.
  • Page 6: Instructions

    SIEMENS reserves the right to change the product for constructive or commercial reasons without being obliged to update reference manuals promptly. The TEL50.GSM uses the GSM standard for mobile telephony. As a result; it cannot be used in areas that are outside the system coverage area.
  • Page 7 (or potentially saturated) with volatile gases or exhalations. The product is fully compliant with the safety standards with regard to exposure to radiofrequency energy. Building Technologies - 5 - TEL50.GSM...
  • Page 8: Operating Instructions

    GSM module could be damaged. Always disable the PIN code of the SIM card. If not, the TEL50.GSM cannot operate. Delete from SIM card all lists of SMS (inbox, outbox, sent items) and disable all additional services (answering service, call forwarding, etc).
  • Page 9: General Information

    The remote control can only be used through the GSM mobile network. Commands can be sent via the fixed telephone network (DTMF tones) or GSM mobile network (DTMF tones and SMS messages with preset syntax). The TEL50.GSM also allows connection of an LG-Ni1000 temperature sensor (optional) and forwarding via SMS, subject to special querying, of the temperature value measured at that time.
  • Page 10: Installation

    During installation, be careful not to damage the internal components. 4.2 Electrical connections To make the electrical connections, remove the plastic cover of the TEL50.GSM: when you have finished, remember to put the cover back into position. Make the electrical connections as shown in the enclosed diagrams.
  • Page 11 A termination resistor is connected on analog input terminals 2 and 3. Termination It must be disconnected only if a LG-Ni1000 sensor will be installed on resistor these terminals. IN1 - general alarm input with potential-free contact contact closed = alarm present (factory setting) Building Technologies - 9 - TEL50.GSM...
  • Page 12 SIM card holder T1 T2 OUT2 OUT1 IN 1 TEMP Legend Alim = Stabilized power supply 230/12VDC 1A CI = TEL50.GSM telephone remote control Relay Relay Alarm N1= REV.. Room thermostat or other electric equipment output output input B1 = LG-Ni1000 temperature sensor (or termination resistor)
  • Page 13: Connection Of Stilo Antenna

    SMA (male) 4.4 Connection of external antenna (optional) In the top part of the TEL50.GSM, there is an RF female SMA connector that is normally connected to the specially supplied stilo antenna. Ensure that the antenna connector is securely fastened.
  • Page 14: Insertion Of Sim Card

    / antenna. • Do not use the stilo antenna if the TEL50.GSM is used in enclosed or particularly shielding environments. Use external antennas with characteristics that operate in the GSM Dual Band frequency band (890-960 MHz and 1710-1880 MHz) with nominal impedance of 50 ohm.
  • Page 15: Checking Of Indicator Lamps

    4.6 Checking of indicator lamps The TEL50.GSM has 5 LED indicator lamps. Three of these can be seen on the front of the device and the other two are located in the lower part and can be seen through the plastic grid.
  • Page 16: Technical Data

    139 mm x 98 mm x 40 mm compliant Health and Safety (Art. 3.1 a) EN60950:2000 EMC (Art. 3.1 b) EN 301489-7 v1.1.1 (09/2000) RF spectrum efficiency (Art. 3.2) (3-2000) EN 301419-1 v4.1.1 incl. EN 301511 v7.0.1 (12/2000) Building Technologies - 14 - TEL50.GSM...
  • Page 17: Basic Configuration

    To do this, carefully read the instructions or contact the telephone manufacturer. PQRS WXYZ The DTMF commands sent to the TEL50.GSM will consist of an ID number for the device receiving the command (input or output), a command number (ON, OFF or status request) plus a control signal (confirm or cancel).
  • Page 18: Commands Via Sms

    ” tone is received, the OFF tone is generated as confirmation of the command. ‫٭‬ Call the telephone number for the TEL50.GSM and wait for the device to answer (a beep after the first ring). Dial the command you require from those available (see table).
  • Page 19: Temperature Sensor Querying

    Ni1000 TEMP 22 C TEMP TEMP xx C ALARM reading temp. sensor Ni1000 with alarm threshold exceeded TEMP 02 C ALARM TEMP TEMP NOT VALID sensor Ni-1000 not connected or interrupted Building Technologies - 17 - TEL50.GSM...
  • Page 20: Extended Configuration

    Notify (extension .3) This type of user has no control of the device and can therefore only receive notification of alarms. TEL50.GSM will not accept and therefore will not answer to call or SMS coming from this type of user.
  • Page 21 [USER] SMS command SMS reply Action USER SECURITY=0 SECURITY=0 Incoming calls filter disabled USER SECURITY=1 SECURITY=1 Incoming calls filter enabled USER SECURITY SECURITY=0 or SECURITY=1 queries status of SECURITY variable Building Technologies - 19 - TEL50.GSM...
  • Page 22: Modification Of Input-output Identification String

    ALIAS OUT1=BOILER OUT1= BOILER identification relay output 1 with “BOILER” ALIAS OUT2= LIGHTS OUT2= LIGHTS identification relay output 2 with “LIGHTS ” ALIAS ANALOG=TEMPEXT ANALOG=TEMPEXT (*) identification analogue input with “TEMPEXT” (*) factory preset ANALOG=TEMP Building Technologies - 20 - TEL50.GSM...
  • Page 23 OUT1=1 contact closed LIGHTS LIGHTS=0 queries the status of contact relay 2 OUT2=0 contact open LIGHTS=1 OUT2=1 contact closed ALARM ALARM=0 queries the status of alarm input IN1=0 contact open ALARM=1 IN1=1 contact closed Building Technologies - 21 - TEL50.GSM...
  • Page 24: Alarm Notification Enabling

    7.3 Alarm notification enabling The TEL50.GSM can handle the following alarms: Contact IN1 closed alarm Temperature threshold exceeded alarm 7.3.1 IN1 closed alarm This alarm may come from any device whose status needs to be monitored (eg. home alarm system, boiler burner block, etc.).
  • Page 25 Alarm notification is automatically enabled when the ALARM and RESET thresholds are set. The identification string of the analogue input can be modified if necessary: SMS command SMS reply Action ALIAS ANALOG=TEMPEXT ANALOG=TEMPEXT identification TEMP input with “TEMPEXT”. Note : if there is no ALIAS, the “ANALOG” factory identification is used. Building Technologies - 23 - TEL50.GSM...
  • Page 26: Digital I/o Status

    OUT1-CONTACT=0 control output 1 normally open (factory setting) DIGITAL OUT1-CONTACT=1 OUT1-CONTACT=1 control output 1 normally closed DIGITAL OUT2-CONTACT=0 OUT2-CONTACT=0 control output 2 normally open (factory setting) DIGITAL OUT2-CONTACT=1 OUT2-CONTACT=1 control output 2 normally closed Building Technologies - 24 - TEL50.GSM...
  • Page 27: Nvironmental Compatibility And Disposal

    The TEL50.GSM packaging is reusable. Keep it for future use or if the product needs to be returned to the supplier. Signalling error TEL50.GSM signals, via SMS, the following errors: Error 01 Sintax error or unknow command Error 04...
  • Page 28 Siemens SpA Building Technologies Viale Piero ed Alberto Pirelli, 10 I - 20126 Milano - I Tel +39 2 243 1 Fax +39 2 243 65 750 Building Technologies - 26 - TEL50.GSM...

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