Lopi 31 DVI Manual
Lopi 31 DVI Manual

Lopi 31 DVI Manual

Gas fireplace inserts


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Model 31 and 33 DVI
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  • Page 1 Model 31 and 33 DVI Gas Fireplace Inserts...
  • Page 2 Shown with Universal face, traditional logset and common brick fireback options. Great Features At An Affordable Price Introducing the DVI series of gas inserts. These gas inserts represent a new direction in gas heating that offers you a “top-quality” gas fireplace insert at an affordable price.
  • Page 3: Control Panel

    The DVI series is all about flexibility: a big, beautiful, brightly glowing fire and a simplified operating system, while offering the same construction and glass viewing area as the top selling Lopi Model DVS GreenSmart and Model DVL GreenSmart gas inserts. Both DVI inserts feature the split-flow Dancing-Fyre burner with your choice of hand-crafted logs and glowing embers or stone kit with tumbled glass floor.
  • Page 4 26” H x 35 3/4” W Black Door Frame (Standard) Antique Pewter Door Frame option Antique Gold Door Frame option 31 DVI - SKU: 99300442 31 DVI - SKU: 99300464 31 DVI - SKU: 99300440 33 DVI - SKU: 99300468...
  • Page 5: Wall Thermostat

    The fan must be installed at the same time of installation to avoid 31 DVI - 3 Piece Panels 33 DVI - 3 Piece Panels additional installation cost later 4”...
  • Page 6: Venting Requirements

    31 DVI Gas Insert Specifications and Installation Heating Capacity:* 500-1,500 Sq. Ft. - ideal for smaller homes or zone heating a portion of your home Maximum BTU/HR Input:** 31,000 (NG/LP) Minimum BTU/HR Input:** 10,700 (NG) 12,600 (LP) Canadian P4 Efficency: 70% (NG) 72.35% (LP) Steady State Efficiency:** Up to 71.8% (NG) 72.6% (LP)
  • Page 7 33 DVI Gas Insert Specifications and Installation Heating Capacity:* 600 to 2,000† Sq. Ft. (†with optional fan) Maximum BTU/HR Input:** 40,000 (NG/LP) Minimum BTU/HR Input:** 11,900 (NG) - 7,400 (LP) Canadian P4 Efficency: 71% (NG) 70.23% (LP) Steady State Efficiency:** Up to 84% (NG) - 86% (LP) Dimensions: Height = 23 3/4”...
  • Page 8 Only the most professional specialty hearth retailers are selected to sell Lopi stoves, inserts and fireplaces. They represent our total commitment to exceptional products and excellent service. In addition, they have successfully completed special training programs in the proper selection, installation and service of all Lopi products.

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