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Installation Instructions; Unpack The Refrigerator; Before Use - Whirlpool Bottom Mount Refrigerator Use And Care Manual

Bottom mount refrigerator
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Declaration of Conformity
This appliance has been designed for preserving food and is
manufactured in compliance with Regulation (CE) No. 1935/
This appliance has been designed, manufactured and
marketed in compliance with:

Unpack the Refrigerator

IMPORTANT: A qualified engineer must unpack and connect the
refrigerator in accordance with these installation instructions.
Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install
Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
Remove the Packaging
Remove tape and glue residue from surfaces before turning
on the refrigerator. Rub a small amount of liquid dish soap
over the adhesive with your fingers. Wipe with warm water
and dry.
Do not use sharp instruments, rubbing alcohol, flammable
fluids, or abrasive cleaners to remove tape or glue. These
products can damage the surface of your refrigerator. For
more information, see "Refrigerator Safety."
When Moving Your Refrigerator:
Your refrigerator is heavy. When moving the refrigerator for
cleaning or service, be sure to cover the floor with
cardboard or hardboard to avoid floor damage. Always pull
the refrigerator straight out when moving it. Do not wiggle or
"walk" the refrigerator when trying to move it, as floor
damage could occur.
After unpacking the refrigerator, make sure it is not damaged
and that the door closes properly. Any damage must be
reported to the dealer within 24 hours of delivery of the
Dispose of/recycle all packaging materials. The
packing material which bears this symbol is 100%
recyclable. For disposal, comply with the local
regulations. Keep the packing materials (plastic bags,
polystyrene parts, etc.) out of the reach of children, as they are
a potential source of danger.


Safety objectives of the "Low Voltage" Directive 2006/95/
CE (which replaces 73/23/CEE and subsequent
The protection requirements of Directive "EMC" 2004/108/

Before Use

To ensure best use of your refrigerator, read the operating
instructions which contain a description of the refrigerator and
other useful advice.
Wait at least 2 hours before turning on the refrigerator to
ensure that the refrigerant circuit is fully efficient.
Electrical Requirements
IMPORTANT: Installation and the electrical connection must be
carried out by a qualified technician according to the
manufacturers' instructions and in compliance with the local
safety regulations.
The refrigerator is designed to operate on a separate
220-240 volt, 10 amp, 50/60 Hz cycle time.
Make sure the voltage specified on the rating plate
corresponds to that of your home.
It must be possible to disconnect the appliance from the
power supply by unplugging it or by means of a mains
two-pole switch installed upstream of the socket.
Power cable modification or replacement must be carried out
only by qualified personnel or by After-sales Service.
Clean Before Using
After you remove all of the packaging materials, clean the inside of
your refrigerator before using it. See the cleaning instructions in
"Refrigerator Care."
Important information to know about glass shelves
and covers:
Do not clean glass shelves or covers with warm water when
they are cold. Shelves and covers may break if exposed to
sudden temperature changes or impact, such as bumping.
Tempered glass is designed to shatter into many small,
pebble-size pieces. This is normal. Glass shelves and covers
are heavy. Use both hands when removing them to avoid
Food Storage
Use the refrigerator compartment only for storing fresh food
and the freezer compartment only for storing frozen food,
freezing fresh food and making ice cubes.
Do not store glass containers with liquids in the freezer
compartment because they may break.
Avoid storing unwrapped food in direct contact with internal
surfaces of the refrigerator or freezer compartments.