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Operating States; Configuration - GE KM260 Series Installation And User Manual

Km260 series carbon monoxide detection system
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Mode key
Used to select the different operating modes for ventilation:
Stopped mode disables the ventilation system.
Manual mode manually activates the ventilation relay output.
Automatic mode triggers the ventilation output when one of the detectors in the zone
reaches the pre-defined alarm level. Ventilation is preceded by a short user-defined
waiting period in which the ventilation LED indicator flashes. This LED indicator is
constant during ventilation. Ventilation continues for a short period after CO levels have

3.3 Operating states

The CO detection system operates in the following states:
An alarm, ventilation or fault state is indicated by the red, green or yellow LED indicators
on the zone module keypad (see section 3.1 Zone module keypad).
Quiescent: This is the normal operating state where no event is indicated. The module
displays the highest CO concentration level in the zone covered by the module in the
display LED.
Alarm: There is an alarm. When the alarm level is reached, and after a set period for
verification, the module activates the red alarm LED indicator, the alarm output relay and
the acoustic signal..
Ventilation: Ventilation is active. The green ventilation LED indicator is lit.
Fault: There is a fault. Once a fault is detected the module will activate an intermittent
acoustic signal and the yellow fault LED indicator: The fault code is displayed by pressing
the * key. There is a user-defined delay before any fault is indicated by the system. Once
a fault has been fixed press the Power on-off key to reset the system.

3.4 Configuration

To enter Configuration Mode press the * key and the Test key at the same time.
There are 17 numbered options that may be configured. On entering Configuration Mode
option 1 (Ventilation level 1) is displayed.
The * key confirms the entry and displays the next option.
KM260 Series Carbon Monoxide Detection System
Use the Level, Mode and Mute keys to modify numeric values.
Use the Mute key to modify on / off values.



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