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System Startup - GE KM260 Series Installation And User Manual

Km260 series carbon monoxide detection system
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Figure 2: Line connection
1. Positive line; 2. Data; 3. Negative line.
Figure 3: Mains connection
1. Fuse (pre-installed); 2. Live AC (fused); 3. Earth; 4. Neutral AC.

2.3 System startup

Once all connections have been completed and zone detectors installed the zone module
may be switched on and a system test performed. To do this:
Press the on-off key. When the zone module is first switched ON the LED display
indicates On until an initial CO reading is provided by the zone module detectors.
During this initial period the power on-off key LED indicator will flash green. It will
remain lit once the initial CO reading is confirmed.
Press the Test key. This will verify the proper working of the LED display, the zone
module LED indicators and the acoustic buzzer. The number of detectors installed in
the zone will also be assessed. Any fault discovered will be indicated.
KM260 Series Carbon Monoxide Detection System



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