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Zone Module Keys - GE KM260 Series Installation And User Manual

Km260 series carbon monoxide detection system
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3.2 Zone module keys

Power on-off Key
The on-off key switches the zone module ON and OFF.
When the zone module is OFF it is indicated in the unit LED display and in the power on-
off key LED indicator.
Mute key
The mute key silences the internal buzzer and disables the alarm output relay. When the
mute key is active the key LED indicator is red.
Test key
Used to verify the proper working of the LED display, the zone module LED indicators
and the acoustic buzzer.
* (star) key
The * key has two functions:
Exit alarm or fault indication by pressing the * key. Indication will exit automatically if no
key is pressed for 15 seconds.
Level key
Used to set the CO concentration level that will trigger the ventilation relay output.
Alarm level indication and selection
If the zone is quiescent pressing the * key will display the pre-defined CO alarm level
flashing in the unit LED display. This level may be changed using the Level, Mode
and Mute keys:
Mute = increments of 5
Mode = increments of 10
Level = increments of 100
Fault code indication
If the zone is in fault condition, (indicated by the fault warning indicator and the
intermittent buzzer), pressing the * key displays the code of the fault detected.
The fault codes are:
Scanning fault.
Detector fault (filament breakage).
Low line voltage level.
Detector missing.
Excessive power consumption.
KM260 Series Carbon Monoxide Detection System



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