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Samsung TV Manual Page 192

Tv samsung.
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If there is a problem with the screen, run
diagnose the issue. If the test fails to identify a problem, there may be a problem with an external
device or the signal strength.
There is something
wrong with the TV.
Flickering and
Connections / Screen
Screen Brightness
Motion Plus
/ Blur
(for LED TV)
Unwanted Powering
Problems Powering On
Unable to find a
Picture Test (Support
If your Samsung Television is flickering or dimming sporadically, you may need
to disable some of the energy efficiency features. Disable
Eco Solution
Sensor) and check again.
If you find that the colour on your Samsung television screen is not correct or the
black and white colours are off, run
If the test results are negative, check the following:
Are the TV's video input connectors connected to the correct external device video
output connectors?
Check other connections as well. If the TV is connected to an external device via a
component cable, check that the Pb, Pr, and Y jacks are plugged into their proper
If you find that the colours on your Samsung TV are correct but just a little too
dark or bright, try adjusting the following settings first.
Navigate to
and adjust
Brightness, Sharpness, Colour,
If you find that there is a blur or "ghost" shadow to the images on your television
screen, you might be able to correct the issue using
Picture Options
If your Samsung TV appears to turn off by itself, try disabling some of the TV's
energy efficiency features. Check if
Sleep Timer
has been enabled.
a specified period of inactivity. If the Sleep Timer has not been enabled, see if
Signal Power Off (System
Off (System
Eco Solution
If your PC is connected to the TV, check your PC power settings.
Make sure the AC power cord is plugged in securely to the wall outlet and the TV.
When watching TV from an aerial or cable connection, the TV will turn off after
10~15 minutes if there is no signal.
When the TV is turned on, the remote control receiver flashes 5 times before the
screen turns on.
If you find that you are having problems powering on your Samsung television,
there are a number of things to check before calling the service department. If the
power cord is connected properly and the remote control is operating normally, the
problem might be with the aerial cable connection or the cable/satellite box not
being turned on. Check the aerial connection or turn on the cable/satellite box.
Setup (System
> Setup) or
Self Diagnosis
Try this!
Saving) and/or
Eco Sensor (System
Self Diagnosis (Support
Cell Light
Tint (G/R)
and other picture quality adjustment
Sleep Timer (System
automatically turns off the TV to save energy after
Eco Solution
No Signal Power
Auto Power
Off) has been enabled.
Auto Tuning (Broadcasting
Test) to
Energy Saving (System
Eco Solution
Self Diagnosis
(applicable models), Contrast,
Motion Plus (Picture
Off) or
Auto Power


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