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Care And Maintenance; Safety Precautions; The Player; Handling Discs - GE GTD120 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Disconnect the audio system from the power source before
performing any maintenance.
Clean the exterior of the system using a soft dust cloth.

The player

CAUTION! This system operates with a laser. It must only
be opened by a qualified technician.
• Never move the player during playback.
• Never put more than one disc on a tray or put a disc
slipping out of the guide area.

Handling discs

• Do not touch the
signal surfaces.
• Hold discs by the
edges, or by one edge
and the hole.
• Do not affix labels or adhesive tapes to the label sur-
• Do not scratch or damage the label. Discs rotate at high
speed inside the player.
• Do not use damaged (cracked or warped) discs.

Cleaning discs

• Dirty discs can cause
poor sound and visual
quality. Always keep discs
clean by wiping them
gently with a soft cloth
from the inner edge toward the outer perimeter. Never
wipe the disc in a circular motion since circular scratches
are likely to occur and could cause noise during playback.
• If a disc becomes dirty, wet a soft cloth in water, wring it
out well, wipe the dirt away gently, and then remove any
water drops with a dry cloth.
• Do not use record cleaning sprays or antistatic agents on
discs. Also, never clean discs with benzene, thinner, or
other volatile solvents which may cause damage to disc
Disc lens care
• When your disc lens gets dirty it can also cause the
system to output poor sound and visual quality. To clean
the lens you will need to purchase a disc lens cleaner
which can maintain the output sound and visual quality of
your system. For instructions on cleaning the disc lens,
refer to the ones accompanying the lens cleaner.

Important battery information

• Remove the batteries to avoid leakage if you do not use
your remote control for more than one month.
• Discard leaky batteries immediately as leaking batteries
may cause skin burns or other personal injuries.
• Dispose of batteries in the proper manner, according to
provincial and local regulations.
• Any battery may leak electrolyte if mixed with a differ-
ent battery type, if inserted incorrectly, if all batteries are
not replaced at the same time, if disposed of in fire, or if
an attempt is made to charge a battery not intended to be

Care and Maintenance

Safety precautions

• Never open the cabinet under any circumstances. Any
repairs or internal adjustments should be made only by a
trained technician.
• Never operate this product with the cabinet removed.
• Do not touch the player with wet hands. If any liquid
enters the player cabinet, take the player to a trained
technician for inspection.
• This player uses a laser to read the data on the disc. The
laser mechanism corresponds to the cartridge and stylus of a
record player. Although this product incorporates a laser
pick-up lens, it is completely safe when operated according
to directions.
• Discs rotate at high speed inside the player. Do not use
damaged, warped, or cracked discs.
• Do not touch the pick-up lens which is located inside the
disc compartment. Also, to keep dust from collecting on the
pick-up lens do not leave the compartment door open for
an extended period of time. If the lens becomes dirty, clean
it with a soft brush, or use an air blower brush designed for
camera lenses.
• The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splash-
ing and that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases,
shall be placed on the apparatus.
Don't infringe
This product should only be used for the purposes for which
it is sold, that is, entertainment, violating no copyright law.
Any attempts to use this product for which it is not intended
is unlawful and therefore not condoned by Thomson.
The descriptions and characteristics given in this document are given as a general
indication and not as a guarantee. In order to provide the highest quality product possible,
we reserve the right to make any improvement or modification without prior notice. The
English version serves as the final reference on all products and operational details should
any discrepancies arise in other languages.


Table of Contents

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