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Audio Setup - GE GTD120 User Manual

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Audio Setup

Set downmix mode
This function can convert a multi-channel audio source
to a two channel stereo signal. The options are Stereo
and Off.
Speaker setup
1 Distance setup
In order to make the surround sound more effective and
suit the acoustic conditions in your listening room, you
may need to delay the signal coming from some of the
speakers by setting the distance between the speakers
and your listening position.
• This function is to set the distance of the front
speaker, center speaker and rear speaker. (Only
available when downmix function is OFF)
• The distance range is from 5 feet to 30 feet
Level Setting
Basic Setup
2 Level setting
• This function is to set the level balance of each
• The level range is from -6dB to +6dB.
3 Test tone
• This function is available in DVD mode only.
• When setting TEST TONE on, the unit will provide
signals to each speaker respectively, so you can decide
if any fine-tuning is needed for that speaker.
• The test tone function can be activated even when
there is no disc in the tray.
Dynamic range setting
In many listening situations, it is not recommended to set
the volume too high, and thus the loudest sound must
be compressed downwards in level. Likewise, the very
quiet sounds would be inaudible and must be brought
upwards in level to be heard. Dolby Digital satisfies these
needs through the dynamic range controlling.
Selects the dynamic range compression to fit the indi-
vidual listening situation. The options are Softer, Soft
and OFF.
• Softer: Audio with highly compressed dynamic range.
• Soft: Audio with partially compressed dynamic range.
• OFF: Audio without compressed dynamic range.
Dynamic range is only applicable on Dolby
Digital soundtrack.


Table of Contents

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