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Chapter 3: Playing Discs; Compatible Discs; Regional Coding; How To Load And Play A Disc - GE DGE105N User Manual

Ge dge105n: user guide
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Chapter 3
Note: Some discs may not be
compatible due to laser pickup
and design.

Regional Coding

Both the DVD Player and the discs are coded by region.These regional codes must match in
order for the disc to play.This player's code is region 1. ALL means all regions. Other regions are:
2: Europe, the Middle East, Rep. of South Africa, Japan - 3: Southeast Asia,Taiwan - 4: Central
America, South America, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand - 5: Russian Federation, Africa (except
Egypt and Rep. of South Africa), India, Pakistan - 6: China.

How to load and play a disc

Turn on your DVD Player and your TV.
If necessary, tune the TV to its Video Input channel (for help, go to page 11).
Press the OPEN/CLOSE button (the disc tray opens). Place a disc gently into the tray with
the disc's label facing up (double-sided discs have content on both sides, so you can place
either side up).
Press the OPEN/CLOSE or PLAY button.The disc tray closes.The DVD Player reads the
disc's table of contents, and then one of three things happens depending on how the disc was
The disc starts playing.
The disc menu appears. One of the options will start playing the disc. Highlight that
option and press OK.
The DVD Player's main menu appears (since the
press the OK button).

Search Options

To search a disc, you can use the FORWARD button or the REVERSE button.You can also utilize
the following search features:

Picture Scan

When you're playing a disc, each time you press FORWARD or REVERSE, your DVD Player scans
the disc faster until you reach the fastest scan speed.To resume normal playback, press PLAY.

Compatible discs

This DVD Player is capable of playing the following types
of discs: DVDs, Audio CDs,Video CDs, and CDs with
mp3 files,WMA files (Windows Media Audio), and JPEG
files on them. Before you put a disc in the player, make
sure it is compatible.
You can't play the following types of discs: Laserdiscs,
CD-I, CD-ROM (computer-only discs), DVD-ROM, discs
recorded using other broadcast standards (i.e. PAL or
SECAM); or CD-G discs.
Play menu is already highlighted, just
Playing Discs


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