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Basic Setup; Setting Up The Digital Home Theater System; General Setup - GE GTD120 User Manual

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Table of Contents

Basic Setup

Setting up the Home Theater system
You must connect all the speakers and setup the system
properly in order to enjoy the Cinema experience at home.
The subwoofer can enhance the bass performance of your
system dramatically.
1 Press the EQUALIZER button to select a channel. The
level of the channel (FL, C, FR, SUB, SL, SR) will appear
on the screen.
2 Use the VOL+ and VOL- buttons to adjust the selected
channel's level.
If you do not press the EQUALIZER or VOL+/- button
for a few seconds, the value will be stored.
3 Press the DSP key, the surround mode will show on
4 To adjust the master volume, use the VOL+ and VOL-
buttons in normal mode.
Enter Setup Menu
1 Press STOP to enter the setup menu when a DVD/VCD/
CD is playing. Press MENU in stop mode when a mp3
disc is playing. (If there is no disc in the disc tray, system
will enter the SETUP MENU automatically)
2 Use
to select your preferred option.
3 Press OK to confirm the highlighted option.
4 To exit the setup menu, return to the main menu and
select Play.

General setup

Set TV display mode
1. Setting the TV display
You can select the aspect ratio of the
TV display.
• 4x3 Standard
If you have a conventional TV set
and your DVD is not formatted
for widescreen viewing, use this
setting. A wide picture is dis-
played on the whole TV screen
with a portion automatically cut
• 4x3 Letterbox
If you have a conventional TV set
and your DVD is formatted for
widescreen viewing, use this
setting. Wide bands will be
displayed on the upper and
lower portions of the TV
• 16x9 Widescreen
If you have a widescreen TV,
use this setting (you must
also set your widescreen TV to "full size")
2. Selecting the language for OSD
This function allows you to select the desired language.
The default setting is English.
Option: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.


Table of Contents

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