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Setting The Parental; Exploration Of Rating Limits; Set As Default - GE GTD120 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Lock setup
Use password to lock player
Lock player/Unlock player
If you choose Lock player, you have to input the
password before entering the Lock setup menu.
Change password
To change password, you should select Lock player
If you forget the NEW password
• Input the default password 0120 to enter the Lock
setup menu.
• Choose Unlock player
• Go to Lock player and enter your new code.
Basic Setup

Setting the Parental

This function allows you to set playback limitation level.
Explanation of Ratings Limits
The Rating Limits feature lets you determine what types of
discs can be played in the player, and what types of discs
will require a password to override the rating limit that
you've set. In the United States of America (USA), the
ratings feature is based on the ratings set up by the MPAA
(Motion Pictures Association of America) such as R, PG, G,
etc. Some countries use a different rating system.
The system ranks the ratings from 1 to 8 in order to
accommodate the ratings systems used in other countries
(1 is considered material that is least offensive and 8 is
considered the most offensive).
In order for the Ratings Limits to be enforced, the DVD
Player must be locked and the disc you're playing must
contain a movie (or a title) that is rated.
Reset as Default
Select RESET and press OK, all settings (except parental
control setting) in DVD/CD mode will be reset to the default


Table of Contents

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