How To Defrost And Clean The Refrigerator - Whirlpool ARC 1872 IX Instructions For Use Manual

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Making ice cubes
• Fill the ice cube tray 2/3 full and place it in the low
temperature compartment.
• Do not use sharp or pointed instruments to detach the tray
if it is stuck to the low temperature compartment bottom.
• Bend the ice tray slightly to remove the cubes.
Before any cleaning or maintenance operation, always
unplug the appliance or disconnect it from the power
Defrosting of the refrigerator compartment is
completely automatic.
Droplets of water on the rear wall of the refrigerator
compartment indicate that the periodic automatic defrost
cycle is in progress.
The defrost water is automatically routed to a drain outlet and
into a container from which it evaporates.
Clean the defrost water drain outlet regularly using the tool
supplied with the appliance in order to ensure defrost water
is removed correctly.
Defrosting the low temperature compartment
Defrost the low temperature compartment once or
twice a year or when the ice formation is excessive.
It is perfectly normal for ice to form. The amount of ice
which forms and the rate at which it accumulates will
depends on room temperature and humidity, and on
the frequency with which the door is opened. Ice
formation is concentrated at the top of the
compartment and does not affect the efficiency of the
If possible, defrost the freezer when it is nearly empty.
• Remove the food from the freezer, wrap in newspaper and
group together in a cool place or in a portable cooler.
• Leave the door open to allow the frost to melt.
• Clean the interior with a sponge soaked in warm water
and/or neutral detergent. Do not use abrasive substances.
• Rinse the interior and dry thoroughly.
• Put the food back into the freezer.
• Close the door.
• Plug in the appliance once again.
• Switch the appliance on.

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