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Whirlpool ARC 1872 IX Instructions For Use Manual page 5

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How to store food in the refrigerator compartment
Position the food as shown in the figure.
A Cooked food
B Fish, meat
C Fruit and vegetables
D Bottles
E Cheese
• The space between the shelves and the rear wall of the
refrigerator compartment must be unobstructed to allow
circulation of air.
• Do not place food in direct contact with the rear wall of the
refrigerator compartment.
• Do not place hot food in the refrigerator.
• Store liquids in closed containers.
Storing vegetables with high water content can cause
condensation to form on the glass shelf of the crisper
drawer: this will not affect the correct operation of the
Gourmet box (if present)
The box is enhanced with food-grade natural antibacterial
substances; these substances improve hygiene in the box,
limiting unpleasant odours and keeping ripe cheeses and
dressed pork products fresh for a longer period a time.
"6th Sense" function
If present, the 6th Sense function is automatically activated in
the following case:
Door opening
The function activates when lid opening causes the internal
temperature to increase to values that do not ensure safe
storage of food and remains active until optimal storage
conditions have been restored.
NOTE: The duration of the 6th Sense function is calculated
according to the amount of food inside the appliance, and the
outside temperature. Therefore significant duration variations
are quite normal.



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