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Feature Summary - Asus Essence One Series User Manual

Hi-fi usb dac (digital-to-analog converter)
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Aesthetically Pleasing
ASUS is well known for its quality control, but beyond the hard and cold facts of
humidity storage and drop test, there's the soft appeal and the intrinsic properties
that we look into when it comes to material selection. Whether it is sweat-proof and
finger print free surface finish, an elegant color palette or smooth curvatures, it is our
commitment to bring a state-of art audio with innovative material application and

Feature Summary

Native DSD Support via DOP
World's first 8X symmetrical upsampling technology restores lossless audio
Built-in 600ohm headphone amplifier drives all headphones on the market
Ultra-high 120dB SNR for the purest sound
User customizable tone characters with 11 swappable OP-amps
Dedicated internal linear power supply ensures the cleanest audio
Ultimate audio enjoyment with native Direct Stream Digital (DSD) support via DOP
Digital Stream Digital (DSD) is an encoding technology at 1 bit representation of the
audio waveform, allowing high reproduction of the original audio. With native DSD
support via DOP, the DSD container bypasses operating system through ASIO PCM,
hence allowing audiophiles to enjoy high-fidelity audio.
384kHz/24Bit 8X Symmetrical Upsampling Technology to restore lossless audio
The Essence One Series series can support up to 384kHz for multiples of 48kHz and
352.8kHz for multiples of 44.1kHz. This ensures that all sample rates are symmetrically
upsampled without any loss of resolution that provides pure representation of audio
Built-in 600ohm headphone amplifier drives all headphones on the market
Supports up to 600ohms impedance, allowing headphone enthusiasts to enjoy the
best of their favorite headphones without any additional amplification needed. The
headphone amplifier powers up all Hi-Fi headphones with high performance and low
Ultra-high 120dB SNR for the purest sound
The SNR of normal USB DAC is about 110dB. With the extremely high SNR (>120dB),
the Essence One Series provides audiophiles clearer sounds with every details with
significantly reduced noise level.
User customizable tone characters with 11 swappable OP-amps
Op-amp is the key part that amplifies the analog signal in your soundcard and affects
tone characters (darker, brighter, sound image etc..) We respect your personal taste and
preferences and on our model you will find 11 swappable op-amp sockets. The Essence
One Series allows easy customization to swap in your favorite op-amps for a fully
customized audio experience.
ASUS Essence One Series


Table of Contents

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