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Asus Essence One Series User Manual page 8

Hi-fi usb dac (digital-to-analog converter)
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Dedicated internal linear power supply ensures the cleanest audio
A clean power source is crucial for ensuring minimal supply contamination and
consistent power delivery. The toroidal comes with a specially designed silicon strip to
prevent hysteresis loss The internal power supply supports all international voltages and
has generous margins for over and under voltage conditions. It provides cleanest power
for cleanest sound with excellent immunity to noise on the AC line.
Minimal Clock Jitter with Asynchronous Data Transfer:
Most USB audio uses Synchronous Data Transfer mode to adjust internal clock to
compensate different data transfer rate between PC and USB Audio Device.
However, the jitter is worse if the transfer rate is a lot different between PC and Device.
For the Essence One Series, the USB DAC monitors the PC clock transfer speed and
adjusts the data transfer speed accordingly based on a buffer status to the system.
When the PC clock is firing too fast, this is regulated and the data transfer feed is
adjusted to slow down and vice versa. This greatly improves the precision of digital
audio and provides more detail with less listening fatigue.
Bit-perfect with ASIO 2.2 driver:
Bit-perfect mode allows user to use ASIO or similar function while doing audio playback,
avoiding any sample rate conversion being done by PC's operating system. This feature
keeps audio contents of all resolutions being played as its original sample rate without
any potential quality loss during sample rate conversion.
The ASIO 2.2 driver simplifies the process of multiple audio streams, bypassing latency
issues in Windows, to deliver a low-latency, high fidelity sound file that is identical to the
original audio file.
Dedicated volume controls:
Most USB DACs on the market only comes with one or no volume control for both
headphone and speaker. This prevents user from keeping their favorite volume level and
has to keep adjusting volume when switching between devices. Not to mention that a
careless move can easily cause damage to your headphones.
The Essence One Series has an independent volume control for headphone and speaker
such that user can keep their favorite volume level without switching back and forth
when listening to different output devices.
Toslink and Coaxial S/PDIF inputs:
The Essence One Series is fitted with both Coaxial and Toslink inputs, enabling
connection of multiple sources. The digital inputs accept data formats at sample rates up
to 192 kHz.
Balanced XLR output:
Essence One Series also features balanced (XLR) outputs. This is a higher quality output
that is useful for eliminating unwanted noises and interference. Since a balanced line
contains two signal carrying conductors of equal magnitude but opposite polarity,
noises induced along the cable path cancel each other out when they reach the
destination load. This makes balanced lines the professional applications for long cable
connection which induced noises might be a problem. XLR connectors should be wired
as follows:
Pin 1- Ground; Pin 2- Hot (in-phase); Pin 3- Cold (phase-inverted).
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