Usb Port - Asus Essence One Series User Manual

Hi-fi usb dac (digital-to-analog converter)
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3. Coaxial S/PDIF Input
Connect your digital source, such as CD/DVD players or computer with S/PDIF
output, to digital input. Use either S/PDIF coaxial or Toslink optical type, each being
of equal quality.
4. Toslink Optical Input
As mentioned in point 3, this port is for Toslink Optical Input.
• Both Coaxial and Toslink Inputs can be used to connect and run
equipment at the same time
• This unit only accepts two-channel LPCM digital audio (e.g. Dolby Digital
2.0). You cannot connect a Dolby Digital 5.1 or a DTS signal as they will
not be recognized. If you wish to connect a DVD or similar device, please
ensure that the sound output of your player is set to two-channel PCM.

5. USB port

Connect a PC via a Type B to Type A USB lead.
• The Essence One Series's operation is independent of your PC soundcard-
it will operate whether your PC has a soundcard or not. Please select
Essence One Series as the default audio playback device in your system.
This can be confirmed in the Control Panel's Sounds, Speech and Audio
Devices properties window under the Volume tab.
• You need to install the device driver that enables the Essence One Series
to work with Windows operating system.
6. Voltage selection (115/230V)
Always insure that the voltage setting is correct for your locality. See page 4
"Voltage Selection" for more information.
7. Power port (AC in)
Plug the supplied power adaptor into the Essence One Series once you have
completed all connections.
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Table of Contents

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