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Package Contents - Asus Essence One Series User Manual

Hi-fi usb dac (digital-to-analog converter)
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Bit Perfect Mode
Bit-perfect mode allows user to use ASIO or similar function while doing audio
playback, avoiding any sample rate conversion being done by PC's operating
system. This feature keeps audio contents of all resolutions being played as
its original sample rate without any potential quality loss during sample rate
NOTE: When you run bit-perfect in Windows, the "BIT PERFECT" LED in the
front panel will light up.
Component Selection
DAC: TI PCM1795: Excellent dynamic performance (123dB dynamic range) and
improved tolerance to clock jitter
DSP: ADI ADSP-21261 High-performance audio processing capabilities and strong
reliability for handling upsampling and DSD support
WIMA FKP2/FKS2: High temperature tolerance with robust performance
Swappable Op-amps: NE5532
Swappable Op-amps: LM4562 (for Speaker out)
Swappable Op-amps: LME49720NA (for Headphone out)
Headphone Amplifier: NS LME49600TS (for Headphone out)

Package contents

This package should contain the following:
Essence One Series Hi-Fi USB DAC x 1
USB cable ('B-A' type) x 1
Power cord x 1 (Some versions may have 2 power cords for different countries)
6.3mm to 3.5mm adaptor x 1
Quick start guide x 1
User guide x 1
Audio Precision (AP) test report x 1
Installation driver CD x 1
NOTE: The package contents vary with models. Refer to the package
contents for each model on ASUS website at
ASUS Essence One Series



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